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Posted on Feb 1, 2008 in Games PR

PR: Will you re-write history in Europa Universalis: Rome?

Armchair General

New York, USA (February 1, 2008) Leading strategy publisher Paradox Interactive released today the first entry in a five part series describing the largest countries represented in grand strategy title Europa Universalis: Rome. The title is scheduled for release during Q2 2008 and continues to offer the great strategic depth and scope associated with the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis series.

The detailed strategy game offers more than 50 playable nations raging from Rome itself to smaller Gallic tribes and although the outcome of Europa Universalis: Rome is completely dependent on players’ strategic and tactical choices, 5 nations are more likely to be successful than the others…

First out is “Carthage.- what might have been”

Originally a small Phoenician trade post founded around about the 9th centaury BC, it gradually rose to become the largest trade centre in the western Mediterranean and controller of the large empire covering the much of the coast in North Africa in the Western Meditation, Sardinia, Corsica, Western Scilly and part of the South Coast of Spain. Carthage’s fleet was one of the most powerful in the Mediterranean world and their sailor considered some of the best. Their land army was not a famed and was mainly made up of mercenaries, although the Numidian cavalry would become famous.

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