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Posted on Nov 10, 2007 in History News

The New One-Stop Shop for All Things History

Armchair General

Epsom, 9th November 2007, Slitherine Strategies launches PLAYHISTORY today, 9th of November. Today is also the anniversary of a number of events that have changed our world, 18 years ago; Communist controlled East Germany opened the checkpoints in the Berlin Wall allowing its citizens to travel freely to West Germany and the ordinary citizens of Berlin turned out in droves to demolish this symbol of oppression.  Today, 90 years ago, Stalin entered the provisional government of USSR.  Today, 208 years ago, Napoleon Bonaparte led the Coup d’état of 18 Brumaire ending the Directory government, and becoming one of its three consuls.

“As we remember history and look back to these momentous events”, said Iain McNeil, Director of Slitherine, “our fascination with the past will hopefully be encapsulated in our new portal, our own window in time leading to all things ‘history’ and assisting us to understand events that have shaped our lives. PLAYHISTORY will inform, amuse and focus on the many ways that we have found to enjoy our common passion through movies, books, videogames, wargames, boardgames and all of the other forms of entertainment that we use to recount History and make it relevant to the present”.


The portal features reviews, historical characters profiles, events and various news items based on history and the many ways we find of enjoying it. There is also an easy-to-access digital download shop powered by Metaboli, where it is possible to download PC games. In future the shop will expand to other categories and the intention is to make this a one-stop solution for any kind of item related to history and entertainment.

“Our vision is that PLAYHISTORY will become a constant point of reference for all of you who share our enthusiasm” added JD McNeil, Director of Slitherine. “So if you are looking for more knowledge, news or just pure entertainment, you will find it here. In the months to come we will provide articles and information on events, people, products reviews and special features, and of course our subscribers will be able to buy their favorite games. In the future, we will extend our product range to all things of interest to history addicts”.