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Posted on Feb 12, 2007 in Games PR

PR: THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of Rome

Armchair General

Great Battles of Rome

‘Si vis pacem, para bellum ‘ – ‘ If you seek peace, prepare for war’– Publius Renatus, 390 AD

Rome/New York – February 12th, 2007 – Friends, Romans, Gamers … prepare to delve into the world of ancient Rome as never before!

Leading videogame developers Slitherine Software and Black Bean Games have partnered with The History Channel® to deliver their latest and most exciting gaming experience, THE HISTORY CHANNEL® Great Battles of Rome. Combining cutting-edge gameplay, historical footage and battle simulation, THE HISTORY CHANNEL® Great Battles of Rome allows players to fully immerse themselves into history as never before.

Merging action and strategy in a setting that replicates the atmosphere of the period, THE HISTORY CHANNEL® Great Battles of Rome allows players to take control of a series of campaigns against Barbarian hordes, while carving out the Roman Empire.


Over 100 battles are available for play including the Punic and Samnite Wars, and Julius Caesar’s conquest of Britain. Players can customize and control massive armies with an array of soldiers including legionaries, archers, cavalry and even mighty war-elephants. The game delivers battle realism in various environments, including steppe, forest, desert and coastline, with both day and night lighting.

Players can also choose to either plan their own battle tactics by selecting an army to suit a gameplay situation, or they can leave strategy decisions to the AI, freeing them to be involved in nothing but action!

THE HISTORY CHANNEL® Great Battles of Rome also features 3D special effects and instant control response.

In addition, 30 program clips from the archives of The History Channel have been specially blended and narrated to match the game and guide the player through the greatest story of all time.

THE HISTORY CHANNEL® Great Battles of Rome will be released on PlayStation®2, PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) and PC DVD.

Let history remember the GREAT BATTLES OF ROME !

Marco Minoli , Head of Marketing at Black Bean : "We are proud of this collaboration between The History Channel, Slitherine and Black Bean enabling us to publish a licensed video game with excellent graphics and realism. The endorsement of such a prestigious brand, reinforces and confirms Black Bean’s global credentials as one of the most innovative and respected publishing houses in the business."

Iain McNeil – Slitherine : "We have been working with The History Channel and our partner Black Bean to bring the highest quality and exciting historical video games to our audience. Our relationship with The History Channel has enabled us to use material from their archives that we could only dream about. This builds on our previous range of historical strategy games and brings a new dimension to the genre"

Carrie Trimmer , Director of Licensing – The History Channel : "We are very pleased to be working with Slitherine and Black Bean on the development of THE HISTORY CHANNEL Great Battles of Rome, the first international console game to be released under our brand. The History Channel is always looking for ways to make history experiential for our viewers, and by giving them the power to build their own armies and plot battle strategy, this game truly allows players to be a part of the building of the Roman Empire."