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Posted on Jul 20, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Supreme Ruler 2010 New Mission and New Price!

Armchair General

July 20, 2006

BattleGoat Studios today announces an additional free Update to their critically acclaimed PC Strategy Game "Supreme Ruler 2010", as well as a new, lower price!

Take aim at Iran’s Nuclear Program

Update 6 features an exciting new Mission taken directly from today’s headlines – Operation Sand Storm, an assault in the Persian Gulf tasked with the capture and destruction of a Secret Nuclear Facility, deep in the heart of Iran.  Lead elite US troops on a special mission into hostile territory, forced to bring supplies with you as you go.  Mission is based on actual force deployments in the Persian Gulf today.


Supreme Ruler 2010 now $19.99

BattleGoat Studios is pleased to announce a price reduction, effective immediately, to $19.99.  Says Lead Designer David Thompson, "Even though Supreme Ruler 2010 was first released last year, we’re still attracting many new players and fans all the time, including a growing audience within various military communities!  Combined with our many recent updates and new content, this new price should encourage even more people to discover the game!"

Supreme Ruler 2010 is available for purchase from:
    – Directly from BattleGoat by Digital Download
    – Full boxed copy (including printed manual) shipped worldwide
    – From the Digital service
    – From the Digital service
Localized versions are also available from retailers across Europe.

About Supreme Ruler
Supreme Ruler 2010 is a groundbreaking Economic, Political, and Military Strategy game for Windows PCs. It supports Single and Multi-Player (up to 16) in either “Real Time” or “Turn Based” modes. Supreme Ruler 2010 is available at a suggested retail price of $19.99 and is Rated Everyone by ESRB.  Since its initial release, BattleGoat Studios has continued to expand Supreme Ruler 2010 by providing additional scenarios and missions for free by way of regular updates.  For more information on Supreme Ruler 2010:

Official Website :
Official BattleGoat Studios Forums :