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Posted on Jun 5, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Strategic Command 2 v1.01 Patch released

By Armchair General

Strategic Command 2 – Blitzkrieg!
v1.01 Patch released!
============================= and Fury Software just announced that the v1.01 Patch for the new grand strategy wargame  Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg is now available!

This 27 meg patch contains nearly 100 different enhancements , tweaks, user suggestions and bug fixes, as well as a number of brand new AI scripts and routines and additions to the powerful map and script editors to support the excellent work by the modding community.

Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg v1.01 Patch Download Page

The Full Patch Notes are copied below.

Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg
Patch v1.01 Notes



– Fixed a diplomacy dialog segmentation fault

– Fixed a unit movement/script error when Poland is divided up by Germany but not by the USSR

– Fixed a disabled button error in the WAR MAP window

– Fixed a SAVE error when using restricted characters in the save file name

– Fixed a bug where the game would hang when attacking a unit and the attacker is not visible on screen (long distance attacks)

– Fixed the script #LEVEL bug

– Fixed the unit mirroring issue (uses a bit more video memory but mirroring should be universal on all video cards now)

– You can now center the map on the position you click on in the ‘MAP WINDOW’

– Subs were being attacked when running silent under FoW, fixed this

– Fixed the AF attacking neutral naval units bug

– Added tool tips for all game buttons

– Adjusted unit upgrades, higher percentage of upgrades during Fall/Spring and even higher during Winter

– Units purchased by the AI will now also have some research upgrades applied/purchased for them, previously they did not

– Adjusted some naval combat and retreat routines, should see some improvement towards group combat (slightly) and naval units should give more room to amphibious units trying to land, i.e. they will not take up as many blocking posititions when shore bombarding defenders thus allowing for more amphibious landing positions

– Made an adjustment to AI planning routines wrt to Neutral countries. This should help countries like the USSR place more units in initial Garrison positions as previously they were being assigned Defensive plans while neutral.

– Fixed a FoW issue found by Ottosmops

– Fixed an AI FoW issue that revealed unit modes during AI attacks (Paratroops, AF etc.)

– Fixed a Reinforce, Properties error for 3-D minor units, military flag was not shown properly (Blashy)

– Disabled DoWs on inactive friendly majors

– Fixed a naval retreat bug

– Fixed an inactive major Garrison bug

– Lowered morale losses/gains for Naval units to 5-15% when a country surrenders, land units remain the same

– Adjusted the plunder formula:
– Resource Plunder = 75% full value of originally owned resources
– Initial Unit Based Plunder = Current Unit Cost / 10 * strength * 5% (for all units)
– Initial calculation is stored and then at the end of each turn the current unit value is re-calculated to see if we can exceed the old value. This way it reflects what a country can support economically as well as takes into account any losses taken in the field over time.
– Total Plunder = (Resource Plunder + Unit Plunder) * [150%, 200%]

– Neutral major units can now entrench

– Sub dive percentage lowered back to default of 20% from 30%

– Fixed an AI bug related to rockets moving and then attacking when they should not be allowed to do so (unless it is a surprise encounter)(Bill)

– Fixed an AI bug where it attempted to purchase units for countries that had already surrendered

– Unloaded units now use their specific movement sound (without motorization if applicable) as opposed to the generic corps/army sound

– Fixed AI unit handling of protecting multiple capitals in a single turn (should do this more efficiently)

– Fixed how the AI protects weak fronts (should also handle this more efficiently with less back and forth movement)

– Fixed a bug where Free French units would unload as French and not as units under UK control (Ebitt)

– Fixed an error where adjacent tiles were not updating properly to friendly control (in some cases) after a recently captured resource (Blashy)

– Fixed a bug where Amphibious and Sea Transport plans were sometimes being cancelled due to failures of either the #FRIENDLY_POSITION or #CANCEL_POSITION checks. These checks should only have been performed during the BUILD_UP phase and not once plans have launched. This will allow for the evacuation of the BEF from France etc., without fear of cancellation should Brest fall into enemy hands before the SEA TRANSPORT plan has been completed.

– AI now focuses on rebuilding 60% cost units (those that are available) first before building units based on PURCHASE scripts

– AI will now only load units as part of a SEA TRANSPORT or AMPHIBIOUS plan onto transports only if their strength > 5. Automatic protection routines send transports with strength <= 5 back to the nearest port and this avoids potential issues, for example, like understrength units loading into transports in the USA and then subsequently being dropped off in Canada. Note, understrengthed units will still be assigned to SEA TRANSPORT or AMPHIBIOUS plans just not loaded onto transports until they have a strength > 5

– AI now handles the movement of transports a little more intelligently in an effort to avoid enemy naval units

– Fixed a few AI freeze up issues and generally sped up AI in a few areas where applicable

– Fixed a minor supply bug (Bill)

– AI now declares war (Amphibious plans only) when at least 50% of their transports are within range of the ideal coastal unloading position

– AI now protects units a bit better and tries to keep vulnerable ones like HQs and AFs out of enemy range (as much as possible)

– Fixed a rare MPP collection bug (Pueo)

– Fixed an E-Mail replay bug related to destroyed Air Fleet attackers during interception (Bill)

– Fixed an E-mail replay bug related to a FoW issue (Lee, Lance)

– Fixed an AI naval movement bug (Richard, Craig)

– Fixed a upgrade/reinforce bug wrt Paratroops that have already been prepated (Blashy)

– Fixed a unit mirroring bug for free units without a capital (David H.)

– Fixed a resource upgrade bug (Stalin’s Organist)

– Fixed a transport unload bug (causing problems with AI not unloading in all cases)

– Fixed a landing casualty bug that reported a casualty but no actual losses

– Fixed a bug where AI naval units did not retreat from port (in all cases) when there was an enemy land unit right next to it

– Fixed a bug where AI naval units were recklessly attacking enemy naval units in port

– Added a prompt to unlicense the game when it is uninstalled

– Fixed the ‘diplomacy.txt’ bug (Bill)
– corrected the names St. John’s, Voroshilov and O’Connor (Kuniworth, Rob100)
– made the following HQ adjustments (Kuniworth, Desert Dave):

– Auchinleck 7
– Wavell 6

– Rokossovsky 7
– Timoshenko 6
– Vatutin 7

– Kuchler 6

– Rome unit now starts at entrenchment level=4

– Moved the German mine southeast of Essen

– Reduced naval costs for BB=500, CA=400, CV=550

– Adjusted UNIT scripts regarding UK Commonwealth arrivals in Egypt, this essentially counters the re-building exploit of these units in the UK (at reduced cost and build time) when destroyed in North Afrika (Terif, Desert Dave)

– Added an Amphibious Warfare tech, essentially increases Amphibious Transport range by 1 tile per tech level

– Reduced default Amphibious Transport range to 6 tiles

– Added an #AMPHIBIOUS_WARFARE line to AI RESEARCH script

– Added in an ‘aligned_country_id’ for ACTIVATION#2 scripts for fine tuning

– Removed US and USSR activation increases due to Egyptian surrender (ACTIVATION#3) and placed the activation increases in the ACTIVATION#2 script so they will now be based on Axis strategic positions instead

– Added additional scripts to handle US and Italian naval aggression prior to their respective entries to the war (ACTIVATION#2)

– Added a #VARIABLE_CONDITION line for ACTIVATION#2 scripts using OR logic.

– Increased Soviet #TRIGGER for Sealion#2 to 50% in ACTIVATION#2 script

– Added Edinburgh as a trigger for Sealion#1,2 in ACTIVATION#2 script

– Adjustments made to handle Axis DoW on Turkey (Terif):
– Adjusted Turkish units, Army now in capital with Ent=2
– Added some events to handle Axis DoW on Turkey (ACTIVATION#1)
– Added a few extra lines to handle Axis units in the Caucuses wrt Siberian Transfer (UNIT script)

– Updated the AI PLAN script template with additional notes and corrections

– Extended the use of the #STEAL flag to allow more options such as stealing from DEFENSIVE plans. This should help the AI for example in recreating a BEF evacuation if the unit reaches Brest. This was not previously possible since #STEAL only allowed from OFFENSIVE plans and the BEF was 99% of the time automatically under a DEFENSIVE plan when it reached Brest.

– BUILD_UP_SEA_TRANSPORT plans can now have an open Sea tile as their #GOAL_POSITION. This allows the transport of troops to naval loop tiles. (see PLAN script notes for more details)

– Changed the default fortification delay to 30 days from 60

– Changed BB Carrier defence from 4 to 3 (Dave)

– Inactive Majors can now place units in annexed countries under their control (Honch)

– Added Bradly HQ to US P/Q for June 1, 1942 (Bill)

– Reduced late spring mud for Europe and North America to 15% (KillerTomato)

– Adjusted early Axis Major Victory conditions to include Stalingrad as well as Cairo

– Bumped SD/TD=2 for UK, USA, USSR, Germany, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland (Armies)

– Added 2 rocket units to the Siberian Transfer event (UNIT script)

– Master campaign names have been edited to remove non-supported international characters, Fall Weiss and Fall Weserbung.

– Bumped the USSR Rebuilding Industry #TRIGGER=50 from #TRIGGER=25 (RESOURCE script)

– Removed Leeb from initial German OOB in 1939 Fall Weiss

– Pro-Allied Coup for Yugoslavia now has a #TRIGGER=50 from #TRIGGER=10 (ACTIVATION#3)

– Added 1st US AF to P/Q December 1940

– Added in a few new UNIT events to handle Axis invasion of USA, Spain (Edwin P., Desert Dave, Blashy)

– Various other script enhancements as inspired by Edwin P., Timskorn, Beta Team

– Started USA with 1 chit invested in Industrial Technology

– Adjusted maximum research MPP to 750, 500, 1500, 1000, 750, 500 for the UK, France, USA, USSR, Germany and Italy respectively

– Split Vichy France into Vichy France and Vichy Algeria, this should help reflect Torch landings with subsequent occupation of mainland Vichy France by Axis a little more historically

– Moved the Siberian Transfer failsafe date to January 1st, 1942

– Added a Casablancan city to North Africa next to the existing port

– Added UK Valiant BB to North Africa

– Fixed a weather zone map error with respect to Crete, island was designated as Mediterranean Sea weather zone instead of land zone