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Posted on Apr 14, 2008 in Games PR

PR: Strategic Command 2: Patton Drives East Release Date, Pre-Orders, Documentation!

Armchair General and Fury Software have just announced that the second expansion in the acclaimed Strategic Command 2 grand strategy series is now open for Pre-Orders! This expansion costs $25 and is scheduled for an official release in May via only, and will be available for Digital Delivery (download), Mail Delivery (CD) as well as a combined Download & Mail Delivery version.

Pre-Order now and get all of the following:

Priority Advance Notification of the games release by email

Download the game as soon as it is officially released in May

Hardcopy of the game (on CD) will be sent you via mail after release


Save $10 on the "Download & Mail" delivery option! After release you will have to pay $35, but as a Pre-Order customer you only need to pay $25.


As an added bonus, has already published the Full Patton Drives East Expansion Manual for players to flip through and explore the exciting new features, campaigns and enhancements to the original game.

Patton Drives East Expansion Manual Here:

Game Info:
Patton Drives East allows players to explore the both the historically possible "what ifs" and alternate realities of World War 2 such as:
What if the Western Allies and the Soviet Union went to war after defeating the Axis?
Could America liberate a Europe subjugated by the Axis?
What if the Western Allies had accepted a surrender from Germany and together they would fight against the USSR?

This expansion incorporates a list of new features including:

New and bigger game map, now 172×46 tiles in size
Much larger North American map area, stretching from Florida and the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Rocky Mountains
Enhanced and unpredictable AI via new decision events and global variables
New unit graphics to reflect updated equipment and technologies that would become available post WWII
Exciting new post-WWII Allies vs. USSR campaigns
Thrilling re-envisioned classic campaigns with alternate history "what-if" situations

Strategic Command 2 Patton Drives East is an expansion pack and will require the original English language version of Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg to be installed and licensed on your computer in order to run! It will not work with any other version of Strategic Command 2 Blitzkrieg nor will it work simply by itself.

Strategic Command 2 Patton Drives East does not require the Strategic Command 2 Weapons and Warfare Expansion to also be installed but will work if it is.

Game Web Site:

Patton Drives East Campaigns
* 1944 Shattered Alliance – Germany surrenders to the Western Allies following the debacle of the Battle of the Bulge and together, under the leadership of General George S. Patton, they turn their focus on the USSR in order to wipe Communism from the face of Europe forever.

* 1945 Patton Drives East – Following the surrender of Germany, Patton is given the green light to lead the Western Alliance in an attack on the USSR and push the Communists back across the Oder and all the way to the gates of Moscow.

* 1945 Stalin Drives West – With the defeat of the Axis powers Communist Russia and the Western Allies go to war against each other. Allied forces in Europe must starve off conquest by Russia until American reinforcements arrive from across the Atlantic.

* 1947 Russians Are Coming – Following the end of WWII and after much demobilization of its armed forces in Europe, the United States and its Western Allies were shocked by a sneak attack from the Soviets that saw it overrun the Western occupation zones, conquer Belgium and reach the coasts of France within 2 weeks.  The UK isle stands alone and is all that separates the USA from a full scale invasion of American shores.

* 1948 Berlin Crisis – Having failed to successfully blockade Berlin Stalin was not about to let the Western Allies control what had been paid for in Russian blood.  If the Americans and their Capitalist partners thought they could keep the Communist Party from dominating all of Europe, they were wrong.

Alternate History WWII ‘What If’ Campaigns

* 1939 Storm of Steel – Having recently annexed Austria, Germany turned its sights on the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia. Will Poland be next? Will Great Britain and France sit idly by? What will Stalin do? Can Hitler be appeased or is WWII inevitable? Control the start of WWII by building up the German army and invading the country of your choice.

* 1941 Unternehmen Seelöwe – Having swept the English Channel of mines and successfully dealing a series of critical blows to the Royal Navy as well as the RAF, German military planners put to work their original plan for the invasion of England.  Can the remnants of the Royal Armed Forces stop the German war machine or will there be goose stepping in London before the year is out?

* 1943 Sledgehammer – The Western Allies, having forgone reinforcement in North Africa and canceling Operation Torch, are prepared to launch D-Day a year earlier than planned but with the intention of capturing a major port, either Cherbourg or Brest, from the outset.  Is it a port too far?

* 1946 Case Neptune – After Germany had performed a successful  Sealion in ’41 and subsequently forced Russia to the bargaining table in ’44, the United States and the remnants of the Royal Navy and British Expeditionary Forces launch a bold invasion to retake the British Isles. On the Eastern front the Soviets break their armistice with Germany and attack from the Urals in hopes of reversing their earlier humiliation on the battlefield.

Bonus Mini-Campaigns

* 1940 Seelöwe – Operation Sealion, the amphibious invasion of the British Isles commences.

* 1974 Invasion of Cyprus – The Turkish invasion of the island of Cyprus