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Posted on Oct 11, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Special Savings On All ProSIM Titles!

Armchair General

Dominate The Modern Battlefield Without Breaking The Bank!

Hampstead, NC, 11 October 2007

Congress may have hundreds of billions of dollars to wage war with, but chances are you don’t have that kind of cash hiding in your couch.  Rather than raising a computer war tax by lowering your kid’s allowance, Shrapnel Games invites you to take part in a modern warfare special sale that will leave you shocked and awed.

Running from October 11th through October 24th all ProSIM titles are discounted $5.00 off their normal retail price, but that’s not all!  If you purchase two or more your wallet will see an additional $2.00 discount per ProSIM title.  These savings apply to both CD orders, and where applicable, digital download orders.


ProSIM is recognized as one of the true authorities of modern land combat in professional circles, and their commercial simulations feature equally high fidelity.  All ProSIM titles feature command-time gameplay, highly detailed weapon platform databases, maps based on real world digital elevation data, intelligent AI using proven tactical decision routines, multiplayer capabilities, and full featured scenario editors.  Each title also provides players with new experiences and situations that will challenge their tactical skills.  Virtual commanders will discover that leading an Israeli tank force is not the same thing as commanding a British force in the Falklands, or assaulting the Taliban in Afghanistan with airmobile troops. 

The complete listing of ProSIM titles available at Shrapnel Games includes:

-  BCT Commander:  The start of it all.  Brigade/regimental combat with scenarios taking place in all your favorite hot spots: Cuba, Russia, North Korea, Iraq, and the NTC.  Lots of fun maneuver action to be had. 

-  ATF: Armored Task Force:  Follow up to BCT Commander, with a brand new engine which also forms the basis of ProSIM’s professional military simulations used by Lockheed Martin, amongst others.  Single vehicle combat resolution, decision point tactics driven AI, and the ability to command entire companies or individual vehicles while letting the AI handle the rest.

-  The Falklands War: 1982:  Company to brigade sized units, battalion level amphibious operations.  Due to the nature of the conflict there is a heavy emphasis on infantry battles.  Historical and hypothetical scenarios, including such what ifs as the use of armor by both sides in the battle.  Powered by the ATF engine.

-  Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War:  Hypothetical near future war of regime change in North Korea, also using the ATF engine.  The Korean theatre provides for fascinating multi-level situations.  Players will deal with refugees, and units not directly controlled by the player will be encountered.  Awesome equipment database.  If it’s in Korea right now, it’s in the game.

-  The Star and the Crescent:  Perfect for armor fans.  Survey game that covers from pre-Yom Kippur battles to future hypothetical conflicts involving Israel.  Intense radar modeling, along with fully realized close air support and air defense assets.  Maps based on real Soviet maps of the region, down to individual buildings.  Another ATF based title.   

-  Air Assault Task Force:  The next generation ProSIM engine, and the sequel to the ATF engine.  Command airmobile forces in Vietnam, Somalia, and Afghanistan, along with the airmobile training center at Fort Polk, Louisiana.  Full equipment database allows many scenario types to be created, not just air assault.  New and improved GUI, along with plenty of gameplay enhancements, will retrofit to any previous ProSIM title powered by the ATF engine.

Pick one up for $5.00 off, pick two or more up for a savings of $7.00 per title.  Remember, you only have until October 24th to declare mission accomplished on this sale, so head on over to the Shrapnel Games e-store, the Gamers Front, today:

To download demos of any of these great titles, or for more information, please visit us at  If you are a connoisseur of modern combat be sure to also check out winSPMBT, which covers combined arms combat from 1946-2020, and features classic hex and turn-based tactical gameplay.  Available in both a FREE download, or purchasable as an Enhanced CD experience.