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Posted on Mar 19, 2008 in Games PR

PR: Slitherine Keeps War up-to-date with New Commander: Europe at War Patch

Armchair General

Slitherine releases today the recently developed patch 1.06 for the award winning strategy game Commander: Europe at War. The game, which has earned critical acclaim from specialist press all over the world, has been improved with faster loading times and an increased speed of overall game play.

Iain McNeil, Director at Slitherine declared: “We always try to take into account all of our customers feedback to improve our products, not only for future commercial releases, but also on the games they are playing right now. We’ve made a long list of improvements on this patch and we will keep on working to reach a standard where our fans can be fully satisfied with what they have bought”.

The Commander team, lead by developer Firepower Entertaiment, is also working on the next release on the Commander series, Commander: Napoleon at War, which is expected to be released in June 2008.


Patch 1.06 Features

• Frame rate has been increased by ~30% when moving units!
• Improved loading times
• Selecting units on map is faster

• Units can now exit the transportation loops placed on the loop hex itself, in case all the adjacent hexes are occupied. Subs that do this become instantly visible on the map to prevent exploits when placing hidden subs on loop hex and blocking it
• Convoys and transports no longer receive experience
• Bristol has been replaced by Cardiff and positioned one hex NW, and it gets a Sea Port
• Sub technology difficulty is now 15 instead of 20
• It is no longer possible to view enemy units max tech level
• Allied convoys now unload at Scapa Flow instead of Cardiff
• Naval units now have Zone of Control (ZOC) penalty that increases the movement cost by 4MP per hex in a ZOC
• UK convoys now reroute to Canada as soon as London falls to Axis
• Syria when Annexed by UK now starts with a corps, a fighter and a battleship
• Research progress % is now shown more precisely i.e. for each 1% reached

• Fixed where experience icons did not appear in non English versions.
• Fixed allowing tactical bombers, fighters and carriers to sneak peak on a enemy unit in the fog of war, hiding on a resource hex
• Fixed fog of war being off for transports under certain conditions
• Fixed fog of war where subs could still spot from their previous location after the convoy move started

• Fixed reassigning a leader not working on both machines
• Fixed sub surprise attack combined with unloading convoy cargo was not completed in the correct sequence
• Fixed a unit was stacked on the same hex bumping into sub and client+host did not resolve same combat
• Fixed RANDOM_ENTRY was not the same on both machines
• Fixed the wrong leader was sometimes recruited on the other machine

Data File Changes
• Upgrade Minimum Cost – decreased 4->3
• Africa Loop Turns – decreased 2->1
• Allies Winter Suffer – decreased 2->1
• Efficiency Regain – Increased 130->145
• Efficiency Loss Casualty Factor – decreased 55->45
• Efficiency Loss From Unload – increased 12->15
• Efficiency Loss Lack Supply – increased 3->10
• Commander Reassign Cost – increased 2->7
• Max Labs – decreased 13->10

• Switched Infantry fixed defences L2 with L3, giving corps more early benefits
• BB now get ASW advances on L2, L4, L6 so a bit later than before
• BB and DD now misses L3 surface ships instead of L5.
• Infantry AT is now +1, +1, +2, +1, +1, +2
• Tank Destroyer is now +1, +2, +1, +2, +1,
• Strategic Operations L3 now give land spotting +2 instead of +1
• Industry tech is more powerful +9,+9,+9,+6,+5 instead of +7,+6,+5,+4,+3
• Organisation tech difficulty changed from 55->50
• Strategic Operations L1 now gives some extra movement

• Capital Attack Efficiency now 65%
• Sea Port Attack Efficiency now 50%

• Air units now have land spotting 5 instead of 4
• Transports now have movement 17 instead of 14
• Subs now have land spotting 0
• sub,DD,BB cost -10
• strategic bomber cost -5
• tactical bomber cost +5
• carrier +1 naval combat
• Air units now have slightly more movement

• In 1939, 1940, 1941 USSR has more armour and less corps around the Urals and their air units no longer start near the front line
• In 1939, Egypt starts as a separate country who joins the Allies in 1940, which effectively limits UK forces from moving out of Egypt and leaving it empty
• In 1939, France start with more Garrisons (Lyon, Cherbourg, Brest)
• In 1939, German starting PP is now 20 instead of 60
• UK and France start with 5% higher war effort
• UK Sub replaced by a Battleship
• In 1939, 1940 Italy starts with a fighter near Rome instead of a Tactical Bomber up north

• Belfast is added as UK city on Ireland.
• USSR cities redistributed so that Stalingrad is worth more and some eastern cities worth less.
• Bergen Sea Port worth less, Iron Ore Route worth more
• Hex (78, 6) now Rough, Hex (78, 7) now Mountain

The patch can be download from: