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Posted on Sep 29, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Silent Heroes Sneaks Upon Us

Armchair General

Silent Heroes not so silent anymore

Launched worldwide on Gamer’s Gate

New York, USA (September 29, 2006) – Paradox Interactive, a leading publisher and developer of critically acclaimed strategy titles, announced today that “Silent Heroes”, the stand-alone expansion to "Soldiers: Heroes of World War II", has launched on Gamer’s Gate.

In the game, players are taking control of a special operations force during World War II and will have d ozens of controllable equipment models, a vast choice of fire-arms, small arms, cold steel and more at their disposal. The environments are highly interactive environments and the story-driven campaign focuses on sabotage missions behind enemy lines.


Available exclusively on Gamer’s Gate for worldwide download, “Silent Heroes” is selling for $19.99.

“Gamer’s Gate has been an optimal platform for us to introduce new and exciting titles to strategy gamers at reasonable prices”, said Susana Meza, Marketing and PR Director for Paradox Interactive. “Now that we have made this stand-alone expansion available worldwide, gamer everywhere will discover first-hand why the original game became so popular”.

View trailer and screenshots here.