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Posted on Oct 27, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Sample soundtrack from Europa Universalis III

Armchair General

Sample soundtrack from Europa Universalis III

New York, USA (October 26, 2006) – For Europa Universalis III, Paradox Interactive’s biggest production yet, the company recently announced a Collectors Edition that will contain a CD with the complete Europa Unviersalis III soundtrack as well as a composer diary.

The company now confirms that the soundtrack has been originally composed for Europa Universalis III, produced by renowned composer Andreas Waldetoft. This is not the first original soundtrack Andreas has produced for Paradox Interactive, his most recent work could be heard in Hearts of Iron II.

“Being involved in the making of Europa Universalis 3 has been a fantastic ride, said composer Andreas Waldetoft. “I feel confident I have created soundtrack that reflects the epic scope of the game while giving the players a subtle sense of its grandness.”


The original soundtrack to Europa Universalis III soundtrack will encompass the four main themes of the game: Exploration, Diplomacy, Trade and Warfare.

“We are thrilled that Andreas was able to join us for again to work on “Europa Universalis III”, said Susana Meza, Director of Marketing and PR for Paradox Interactive. “His soundtracks strike a perfect balance between blending in and creating an atmosphere that enhances gameplay”.

The company has agreed to share an excerpt from the soundtrack. As you listen to the Conquistador theme – prepare to conquer the world in the beginning of 2007.

About the composer

Andreas Waldetoft composes dramatic and feature enhancing music for games, film and television. He approaches every project as unique and always makes a point of contributing fresh ideas and initiatives that are aligned with agreed themes. To further explore his artistic talent, Andreas has opted to work only as a freelancer and as such has added everything from romantic films to adventure games to his portfolio.

To find out more about this composer please visit this website.