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Posted on May 17, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Rush for Berlin – Russian trailer

By Armchair General

New York, USA, (May 16, 2006) – Paradox Interactive presents: "The Russian trailer". The trailer introduces another party of the upcoming WWII RTS from the critically acclaimed developer Stormregion: The Red Army. Play the Russian to please Stalin and his wish to put the flag on the German Reichstag before the US guys even cross the Rhine.

The Soviets had vast human resources at their disposal and a huge, well-organized workforce to satisfy the Red Army’s ever-growing hunger for equipment and manpower. The inherent patriotism and burning hatred of invaders provided the ordinary Soviet soldier with a virtually endless supply of morale – hence his legendary persistence and natural disregard of extreme conditions and unfavorable odds.

The Soviet Campaign in “Rush for Berlin” offers the all the challenges and thrills expected of the period. It is all about mass assaults on fortified enemy positions, armored clashes in snow-covered plains, human sacrifice and victory over unspeakable difficulties. Seven action-packed, historically accurate missions cover the footsteps of the Red Army soldiers from their Baltic offensive of January 1944 to the fall of the Third Reich in May 1945, culminating in the dramatic battle for Berlin. The final objective is to take the German capital and end Hitler’s reign of terror and extreme prejudice.


Check it out here.