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Posted on Oct 12, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Replayability and Multiplayer in Europa Universalis III

Armchair General

Replayability and Multiplayer in Europa Universalis III

New York, USA (October 12, 2006) – With over a hundred nations to choose from and the option to start at any date from 1453 to 1789, players have thousands of options to choose in the game that moves completely away from pre-set levels and restrictive campaigns.

Add to this, national ideas, policy sliders and government types and players will find themselves with a tool kit, allowing them to fully shape the destiny of a country. Players can choose the same country, start date repeatedly and experience a different game every time. How about turning England into a land power to be feared and restart the 100 years war – or why not turn Poland into the colonial power in the Americas? The possibilities are almost endless; however beware as choosing one option can leave you vulnerable to a more ruthless opponent.


For those who still want more there is the option of multiplayer play. Test your wits against individual opponents as you struggle for mastery of the globe. With lots of devoted fans of multiplayer for the Europa Universalis series, you should never be short of players. With the wider options for individual diplomacy, multiplayer takes EU III to the next level.

EU III will contain three different types of multiplayer options. Players can either:

– play over the match making server provided by Paradox

– play over the Internet; or

– play via LAN

In addition, EU III will feature cooperative multiplayer, meaning that several players can choose one nation and guide it through the ages and challenges together.

If this is still not enough, just about anything in EU III can be modded with ease. In addition to the traditional things that Mods like to change, players will now have options to change events, the effects of advisors, ideas and even the properties of combat units. Want to add your own country? Not a problem!

Regardless of preferences and taste, EU III has a challenge in store for everyone. The only criterion is that you must have burning desire to use your mind to achieve great things.