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Posted on Jun 21, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm Screenshots

Armchair General

Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm Screenshots

New Screenshots of Panzer Command

Staten Island , NY , June 21 st , 2006 – Matrix Games ( ) and Koios Works ( ) present to you these new screenshots of Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm.   Koios Works is known for their work on the acclaimed Tin Soldiers series, which combined battles from ancient history with 3D strategy gaming.  Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm will bring the same quality gameplay to a 3D tactical scale set on the Eastern Front in World War II.


See screenshots here.

About Panzer Command:

Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm is a 3D simultaneous turn based strategy game where you command either the Soviet or German forces during the desperate attempt to reach the encircled German 6 th Army at Stalingrad .  Each side has detailed 3D units of the historical vehicles and squads, from Panzer IIIs and T-34s to PanzerGrenadiers, Artillery and Air Strikes.  Two campaigns (one German, one Soviet) tie the scenarios together, allowing core units to progress from battle to battle, gaining experience, medals and special abilities. A point system allows players to “purchase” additional units for each mission in the campaign as well as replace losses, forcing decisions on management of resources.

The design for Operation Winter Storm lets first time users sit down and start playing, while allowing hard-core gamers to enjoy the realism and historical accuracy.  All campaign battles can also be fought as individual scenarios and two separate skirmish scenarios are included for maximum replayability.  The AI can control either side in each battle and a full Play-by-Email system allows for head to head play. 

Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm is also the first 3D tactical WWII game where the unit and weapon data as well as the unit art is stored in easily accessible formats to enable mod support and customized scenarios and campaigns post-release.

Stay tuned to the main Matrix Games website at for additional information on Panzer Command:  Operation Winter Storm and all of the upcoming Matrix products.

Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm is expected to release in June, 2006.