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Posted on Oct 17, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Officers Pre-Release Drilling

Armchair General

Officers: pre-release drilling

The release date of Officers – the most vivid WWII RTS – is getting closer and closer! The GFI UA Development team is introducing last minute improvements to the game polishing up visual effects. Meanwhile, GFI Company is delighted to inform you about the recent changes within the video game.

The mission structure has been modified. Now the Officers    will provide totally non-linear gameplaying experience. The gamer may feel free in choosing the next step. Aside from main missions, the game will now offer a few secondary ones. Successful accomplishment of these additional missions will make the game more interesting and will also award the gamer with extra bonuses.


The system of reinforcements has been revised. Earlier reinforcement squads were built up in advance by the computer. The strength of each of them was strictly limited by the program. Now the gamer is free to decide which and how many of available units he needs.

The resource supplying system has been adjusted. Each material source now has its own range inside of which all your friendly units do not spend their supplies (the tanks do not run out of gas, infantry men do not consume their rations). But they will begin to use them as soon as they leave this resource saving area.