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Posted on Apr 9, 2008 in Games PR

PR: New screenshots for Strategic Command: Patton Drives East

Armchair General

Hubert Cater’s new masterpiece is nearing completion! Today we’re thrilled to release 18 brand new screenshots from the pre-release version of SC:PDE, showing all new interface art and a number of the exciting new features that this expansion is going to offer! Check out the enlarged world-map, the new unit graphics and much more…


We are also happy to announce that an additional new what-if campaign will be included in the shipping version:


* New bonus alternate WWII campaign:

1939 Storm of Steel – Having recently annexed Austria, Germany turned its sights on the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia. Will Poland be next? Will Great Britain and France sit idly by? What will Stalin do? Can Hitler be appeased or is WWII inevitable? Control the start of WWII by building up the German army and invading the country of your choice.

Game description:
Patton Drives East" allows players to explore the historically possible what ifs of WWII such as:

What if the Western Allies and the Soviet Union went to war after defeating the Axis?
Could America liberate a Europe subjugated by the Axis?
What if the Western Allies had accepted a surrender from Germany and together they would fight against the USSR?

This expansion incorporates a list of new features including:

a new and bigger map, now 172×46 tiles, a much larger North America stretching from Florida and the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Rocky Mountains, enhanced and unpredictable AI via new decision events and global variables, new unit graphics to reflect equipment that would become available post WWII, and much, much more…

"Patton Drives East" is scheduled to be completed this summer, 2008, and will be released, as usual, for download and/or mail-order only at The exact release date as well as pricing are still to be announced.