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Posted on Feb 2, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Lux Delux 5.6 Update

Armchair General

Lux Delux 5.6 update

Lux Delux has been updated to version 5.6. This version comes withmore mod keys (see below), network game improvements, newpreferences, and a new default map U.S.A. War Zone. This is a freeupdate for registered Delux users, alongside an updated demo.  

Also new is a Guide for getting the most out of Lux Delux:

5.6 changes in detail:

Hold down one of the 2-9 keys and click countries while placingarmies to divide your group into 2-9 equal groups.

There are new settings in the Preferences window.

The map editor has a new mode to draw shapes, including circles,ovals, and hexes. It also has better edit shapes mode and Undo.