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Posted on Nov 20, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Lock ‘n Load Publishing Signs Award Winning Design Talent

Armchair General

Lock ‘n Load Publishing Signs Award Winning Design Talent

Richard Berg and Paul Rohrbaugh to contribute designs to growing LnLP Inventory

Henry, VA, November 17, 2006 – Lock ‘n Load Publishing, the sole publisher of Lock ‘n Load board games, announced today that they will publish designs by Richard Berg and Paul Rohrbaugh. Berg’s Carolina Rebels’ command oriented, company-level American Revolution system at a scale of 40 yards per hex and about 50 men per counter/unit , covers four battles from the southern campaign in the American revolution: Guilford Courthouse, Camden, Cowpens, and Hobkirk’s Hill. Rohrbaugh’s No Middle Ground: Decisive Battles from the War of Atonement, October 1973 uses a unique formation activation system to simulate three battles: The Golan Heights, Chinese-wasn’t-it-actually-a-Japanese Farm, and Target Damascus. Both games will be available for pre-order near the end of November at .


“Richard and Paul are two of my favorite designers,” says Mark H. Walker, founder of Lock ‘n Load Publishing. “I’m thrilled to be able to work with them.”

Since opening their doors in September of 2006, sales for Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s discounted Band of Heroes (49.99 for a limited time), and pre-orders for the company’s P-500 games have been stunning. The first three Lock ‘n Load Publishing titles —Lock ‘n Load: The Swift and Bold, which features the British Paratroopers in Europe (circa 1944), Lock ‘n Load: A Day of Heroes, a simulation of the Ranger and Delta Team battle in Mogadishu in October of 1993, and World at War, an entirely new, platoon level Mark H. Walker design, which depicts the Third World War in August of 1985, are scheduled to go into production in winter of 2006.

The first computer game based on Mark H. Walker’s Lock ‘n Load franchise, Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of Stalingrad, will release in Q2 of 2007.