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Posted on Jun 4, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Lock ‘n Load: Not One Step Back Pre-Order

Armchair General

Germany Invades the Soviet Union!

Henry, VA, June 3, 2007 – Lock ‘n Load Publishing, the sole publisher of Lock ‘n Load board games, announced today that Lock ‘n Load: Not One Step Back is now available for pre-order.

Our biggest expansion ever, Lock ‘n Load: Not One Step Back is Lock ‘n Load’s first foray into the Eastern Front of World War II. This expansion includes the units, rules, and scenarios that gamers need to recreate the desperate struggles on the Russian steppe, ruins of Stalingrad, and partisan-infested woodlands.

Gamers command awesome Soviet heavy tanks, such as the KV-1, SU-152, and JS-2, and Germans can brew up hapless T34 tanks with their incredible King Tiger. They may also employ Soviet Guards to lead counterattacks in the city, order the new German Pioneers to retake lost ground, ambush German convoys with Partisans and whip cowards back into line with Commissars.


As you have come to expect from Lock ‘n Load Publishing, the art is superb. David Julien, Marc Schwanebeck, and Nicolas Eskubi have combined to make soldiers, tanks, and maps that pull you into the conflict and won’t let go. Better still, by popular demand, the hex halos have been seriously tuned down. 255 die cut counters and three mounted geomorphic mapboards, 12 new scenarios mounted on cardstock, a player’s aid card, new rules covering commissars, Nurses, Partisans, tank machineguns, Molotov Cocktails, trenches, stuffed between a David Julien-designed cover. Take a look; we think you’ll like it (