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Posted on Jan 24, 2008 in Games PR

PR: GamersGate announce deal to offer free PC and MMO download magazines

Armchair General

New York, USA (January 24, 2008) – GamersGate announced today a partnership with Cranberry Publishing Ltd to offer their popular download magazines PCGZine and MMOZine through the digital download portal.

“Much like GamersGate, Cranberry Publishing has emerged as one of the leading players in their field by meeting gamer needs in an untraditional way and we are thrilled to offer all registered users on GamersGate this service”, said Theodore Bergquist, CEO for GamersGate.

PCGZine and MMOZine will be offered for free via the digital download portal. Magazine Publisher Cranberry has attributed the success of its free online magazines to the professional staff of games journalists, as well as a ground up design targeted specifically for digital display. “Unlike other digital magazines, our products are not retargeted from print. Ours incorporate landscape design more suited to the digital display, and the pages themselves house multimedia elements the reader can interact with as well as games video embedded into the pages”.


“We’re really excited by this partnership with GamersGate. GamersGate is a fast growing download service for PC gamers and the synergy between it and our digital videogames magazines is easy to see, adding great value to all GamersGate users while extending the reach for our magazines,” explained Dave Taylor, Publishing Director for Cranberry Publishing Ltd.

PCGZine and MMOZine will be offered worldwide to all registered GamersGate users. The program is expected to launch at the end of January, giving gamers easy access to unbiased, top quality game journalism in a revolutionary format at no additional cost.