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Posted on Oct 17, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Frontline: Kursk takes you back to the classics of Blitzkrieg

Armchair General

New York, USA (October 17, 2006) – Recently, Paradox Interactive and Nival Interactive announced a collaboration around a new RTS series where players are taken to the frontline and where the gameplay is going back to its RTS roots – inspired by games like "Blitzkrieg".

Now Paradox Interactive elaborates on what players can expect from the first installment in the series – "Frontline: Kursk".

"Frontline: Kursk" follows in the footsteps of the original "Blitzkrieg" and incorporates the best aspects of the now classic RTS games. While fans of "Blitzkrieg" will recognize some familiarities, there are plenty of new and exciting features that promise to occupy gamers´. Most of the focus has been placed on the reinforcements system and the balance of the game. The project´s corner stones are the historical method and the authenticity. Accordingly in "Frontline: Kursk", the player gets all reinforcements as rewards for the completed mission tasks. The only "free" reinforcement available to players is calling air forces to their aid. The reinforcement´s staff corresponds with historical realities. That means that the "tank rush" tactics are not as effective as they would have been in previous "Blitzkrieg" games. The victory in a battle depends on how well the different units cooperate under the player´s command, much as if it was in real life.


The new (but still recognizable to original "Blitzkrieg" fans) reinforcements system in combination with the overhauled balance opens great perspectives for different tactic and strategic methods. All units´ parameters have been religiously corrected in compliance with their real historic analogues. For example, the shoot range for most of the units has grown, but infantry is not cannon fodder any more.  The neatly thrown grenade can completely disable the tanks track, turning the threatening fighting vehicle to an easy mark for infantry. It is also worth noting that the typical promotion system found in "Blitzkrieg 2" has disappeared. In "Frontline: Kursk" there is only one hero – the player – who gets the experience as well as the ranks and rewards.

"Frontline: Kursk" is scheduled for a release during Q1, 2007 and is developed by Nival Interactive and N-Game Studios.

For more information about the upcoming worldwide release of  "Frontline: Kursk" or Paradox Interactive, please contact

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