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Posted on Sep 22, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Frontline: Kursk On The Horizon

Armchair General

Paradox Interactive takes the FRONT with Frontline: Kursk

Signs partnership deal with Nival Interactive

New York, USA (September 21, 2006) – Paradox Interactive announced today a new partnership with Nival Interactive, developers of critically acclaimed titles such as “Heroes of Might and Magic V” and “Blitzkrieg”.

Paradox Interactive and Nival Interactive will collaborate around a new RTS series where players are taken to the frontline, where the gameplay is going back to its RTS roots – inspired by games like “Blitzkrieg”. With state of the art graphics and an overhauled interface, players will find themselves challenged in many different environments and settings.


“We are really excited to work with Paradox on a game that will transport players to a turning point in history,” said Anthony Jacobson, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Nival Interactive. “Paradox has a unique vision for strategy games, and we expect that this series is the start of a partnership that will elevate World War II RTS games back to glory.”

First out is “Frontline: Kursk”, the ultimate battle of the titans! While this battle was neither successful for Germany or the Soviet Union, it caused all the great powers to focus an incredible amount of resources to improve their tank designs and production. Some call it the last great conventional arms race before the atomic bomb…

“Nival is a recognized and appreciated developer with a strong focus on releasing interesting titles that challenge gamers, something that Paradox Interactive is also very passionate about”, said Fredrik Wester, Director of Sales & Acquisitions for Paradox Interactive. “Frontline: Kursk” is just one example of such premium titles and as we embark on this partnership we are thrilled to make it our first Nival title to be published by us world-wide”.

“Frontline: Kursk” is scheduled for a release during Q1, 2007 and is developed by Nival Interactive and N-Game Studios.