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Posted on Dec 21, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Field of Glory Charges to the Internet

Armchair General

Epsom, 20th December 2007, Slitherine Strategies and Osprey Publishing are proud to announce that they have launched a brand new internet site dedicated to the highly anticipated wargaming rules Field of Glory.

Field of Glory is a new historical miniature wargaming rules system for anyone interested in recreating battles of the ancient and medieval period on their tabletop.

‘We are extremely happy that after more than two years preparation and development, our efforts are finally bearing fruit. We have been overwhelmed by the response from so many players worldwide. Now everyone will be able to contribute to the future development of the rules and share our passion for wargaming through this site’, said JD McNeil Director of Slitherine. ‘We are making some revolutionary changes to table top gaming and how these games are perceived. This site will be at the very heart of our project, allowing players to meet, discuss, find a full list of events and share their knowledge and tips on how to get the best from their armies’.


The internet site and forums are now open and available at

‘We have been delighted to work with Slitherine on this project, it is for us a great opportunity to reach history fans from a different point of view’, said Richard Sullivan, Marketing Director at Osprey Publishing. ‘Our readers are quite used to our in-depth knowledge of history and our many ways of depicting events, from an academic standpoint to a more mass market approach. Field of Glory is a further step in bringing our message to a new and different level and we are thrilled to see how this project has sparked such interest with our fans worldwide’.

Field of Glory has a ‘cast of thousand involving’ text and art layout teams, researchers, beta testers, photographers, translators, army list experts, proof readers, sales and marketing teams, web designers and of course our core team of rules writers. The dedication and hard work from the entire team cannot be overstated. Field of Glory includes a rule book detailing the gaming system and will be supported with a series of army list companion books that will provide help and support in choosing and designing your armies. Field of Glory is a clearly written and enjoyable gaming system; well-designed, visually stunning with comprehensive diagrams for additional clarity. The detailed Osprey artwork provides painting references that will bring your armies to life. Historic references will provide a platform for further research on your favorite armies.

Field of Glory will ship in the UK and the US in February 2008 with the release of the basic rulebook and the first two army list companion books Rise of Rome and Storm of Arrows. Each dedicated to a specific period of history.