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Posted on May 18, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Expansion for Strategic Command 2: Blitzkrieg Announced

Armchair General and Fury Software are thrilled to announce the first Expansion Pack for "Strategic Command 2: Blitzkrieg". Titled "Weapons and Warfare" it incorporates a huge list of new features frequently asked for by the fan community, including a bigger world map, new units, naval movement and combat rules, a deeper weather model, additional terrain types and resources, the simulation of roads and railways and a much extended editor with the ability to e.g. script Image and Sound events and much more.

The Expansion Pack will be made available for download later this summer only from

Official game page:

Strategic Command 2: Weapons and Warfare Expansion


Feature List

* Resized and improved map now 140×46 for added strategic planning including a naval passage around Iceland, a much larger and reshaped Mediterranean/North Afrika, as well as additional Naval Loops for the Middle East and north over top of Scandinavia to Archangel

* New unit types including Commandos, Anti-Air, Artillery, Anti-tank, Tactical Bombers, Strategic Bombers and Destroyers

* New naval movement and combat rules that prevent Neutral naval unit blockades, a submarine sneak past feature that will allow Subs to move through naval blockades unless a Destroyer is present, and a new dive feature that will hide Submarines from further attack once it has successfully evaded an initial enemy challenge

* Deeper weather model with 10 additional Weather Zones as well as a new layer to handle Rain/Fog, Snow and Sandstorms which can in turn further affect Air Unit sorties as well as spotting and movement

* Additional default Terrain types including, Fields, Bocage, Hills, Oasis w/ Palm Trees, and Desert Sand

* Additional default Resource types including Western, Eastern and North African style Villages

* Road and Rail addition to the game map

– Roads will nullify terrain and weather effects making their control strategically important throughout the map

– Rail lines will now connect various cities together for Operational Movement and as a result Strategic Bombing can add a whole new dynamic to pre-invasion planning by targeting key Rail Hubs on the map

* Upgradeable Minors with respect to parent Research

* Expanded script framework to allow for Unit Strength losses as occurred in the Soviet Winter of 1941, forced Surrenders such as the Italian surrender of 1943, as well as script additions giving modders the power of adding in game #IMAGE and #SOUND popups to their events

* Expanded Editor including the following additions:

– Editable Seasonal Turn Lengths

– Editable Max Strength of Resources

– Editable Combat Data including Max Unit Experience as well as each Experience gain/loss for each individual combat type

– Editable Naval Damage Data for damage suffered by naval units at sea

– Editable Reinforce and Reformation Data for destroyed units

– Editable Morale Data covering morale loss/gains for Liberation, Surrender and Operational Movement

– Expanded Combat Target Data editing including new attributes such as Combat Suppression and Demoralization percentages

– Editable Research Combat Target increments as well as Research Upgrade costs

– Editable Map Text including size, font, and color that can be placed anywhere on the map

And Much More!