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Posted on Nov 26, 2006 in Games PR

PR: EUIII Strategy Guide

Armchair General

New York, USA (November 22, 2006) – For the first time ever, Paradox Interactive is releasing a strategy guide to one of their games, complete with inside tips and tricks that will help players elevate their single and multiplayer games to an entirely new level.

The game in question is Europa Universalis III, a grand strategy PC game that spans over centuries and invites players to test their skills in the areas of diplomacy, trade, exploration and warfare.

The Strategy guide will appeal to many different types of player. History buffs will enjoy the references to actual historical events, strategists will enjoy the graphs and charts outlining the consequences of different decisions and true armchair generals will fare even better on the battlefields using this guide as a base when planning their next moves.


The 100-page Strategy guide touches on all aspects of the game. Here is an excerpt from the Exploration chapter:

Conquistadors are not famous for respecting the territorial integrity of other empires. If they are sent to explore a province, and find it occupied (owned) by another country, the Conquistador will sneak scouts across the border long enough to map the territory, but won’t stay long enough to cause a war! This will map the province for you, but the Conquistador will stay in the province where he started. That’s fine, because it allows him to move to the next spot and try the same thing again!

You’re in a race. If you’re at all free to do so, you will find it beneficial to go look for these far away lands and scout them for sites for colonies. As a European empire, you’ll likely find any native cultures or countries you run into of little opposition, but don’t completely count on this. If you’re from a non-European culture, this may be harder because of the technology penalties imposed upon your culture.

Authored by Ed Hanks, the strategy guide is exclusively included in the Collectors Edition of Europa Universalis III. The Collectors Edition will ship to stores in North America on January 23, 2007 and will be carried exclusively by Target.