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Posted on Oct 18, 2006 in Games PR

PR: EUIII Collectors Edition confirmed

Armchair General

Collectors Edition confirmed for Europa Universalis III

New York, USA (October 18, 2006) – Leading PC strategy publisher and developer Paradox Interactive announced today that their next big strategy release, “Europa Universalis III”, is to be released as a “Collectors Edition”. The collectible content will only be available in a limited print run.

“The ‛Europa Universalis’ series has a strong fan base across the world and they have been very vocal in requesting something special and unique for ‛Europa Universalis III’”, said Susana Meza, Director of Marketing and PR for Paradox Interactive. “I am particularly excited about being able to offer a complete strategy guide in the Collectors Edition, something that will add real value to existing fans but perhaps even more so to new gamers”.


The “Collectors Edition” will include several exclusive assets that cannot be obtained elsewhere:

  • 100-page 4 color strategy guide
  • A special Producer introduction to the game
  • The official “Europa Universalis III” soundtrack
  • Composers diary, complementing the soundtrack
  • Exclusive download content, including special forum bonus content

In addition, players will also find:

  • A 140-page 4 color manual
  • Sizeable poster map including all provinces
  • Collectible stickers

For more information about “Europa Universalis III” or Paradox Interactive, please contact .