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Posted on May 29, 2007 in Games PR

PR: EU III: Napoleon’s Ambition – Enhanced Trading System and Screens

Armchair General

EU III: Napoleon’s Ambition – Enhanced Trading System and screens

New York, USA (May 29, 2007) – Napoleon’s Ambition, the expansion to critically acclaimed Europa Universalis III, will introduce gamers to the French Revolution, Napoleonic warfare and more.

The developers have now released a few more details on the Enhanced Trading System, one of the features highlighted in the expansion.

In Napoleon’s Ambition , players will be able to auto-send merchants. All Centers of Trade (CoTs) can be given a priority from high to low or players can opt not to send merchants to that CoT. The algorithm will start by sending merchants to the CoTs with the highest priority and then work its way down.

There will also be times when players don’t want to invest in merchants, for instance in the middle of a war of survival where victory or defeat hangs by a knife edge. So players will also be able to pause the function while keeping their preferences intact and thus reducing the micro-management.


Download screen

Another trade feature implemented is to add a new level of realism to world markets. All CoTs belonging to a different religious group or located on a different continent will be closed to your merchants until you manage to open them through diplomatic action or warfare. If successful, trade will be accessible to you alone until someone else manages to open the markets. Players getting to the Far East first for instance, stand to earn substantial profits.

Download screen

Enhancements to the trade map will also help players manage their money and their time to use trade more strategically as they aim to put their mark on history.

Download screen

In addition to the Enhanced Trading System, players will also find an expanded timeline to 1820, a wide range of historical options, improved interface, more gameplay options offering more strategies like emulating Peter "the Great", additional options to customize the EU III experience like "AI Aggressiveness", "No Inflation" and more.

Europa Universalis III: Napoleon’s Ambition is scheduled for release in the end of August and will only be available via the digital distribution portal Gamer’s Gate. Read more here.