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Posted on Aug 23, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Dominions 3 Goes Gold

Armchair General

Golden Is The Awakening!
Dominions 3 Arises In The East, Prepare Thyself!

Hampstead, NC, 23 August 2006

"And lo, the skies did turn black as the stars were snuffed out One by one Silence stole the breath from the world, which stood trembling Shivering Then, the path of glory was opened, the gateway cracked Slowly opening All stood transfixed, all stood in awe, all stood in amazement Awaiting It had arrived. The time was now. Forever and ever. Awakened."

— The Tablets of Nor’kempf, circa The Age of Dreams

Prophesized long ago, in a world long since relegated to the gossamer dreams of fallen kings and debased empires, a new era of turn-based gaming is about to stride once more upon the Earth. For many, many moons the priests of Illwinter have chanted their cryptic phrases, calling forth from beyond that which will steal slumber from mortal men. Calling forth an entity so monstrous that it will devour all those that dare challenge its supreme reign, an entity whose sole purpose is to consume the lives of those that kneel before its might.


The world around you is but a dream. Your job and family merely faint reflections of a life soon forgotten. The path you must choose is clear. The true reality is upon you. A new age of gaming has begun. All hail, for…

…Dominions 3: The Awakening has gone GOLD!

Clear your calendar. Stock up on high-energy drinks, oodles of noodles, and whatever else keeps you going long through the night. Begin to focus. Soon, the only thing that will matter is finding time to play one of the most anticipated games of 2006, Dominions 3: The Awakening once it ships in a few short weeks – as of this news release, Shrapnel Games is projecting to begin shipping on October 2nd.

Dominions 3: The Awakening, developed by Illwinter Games and published by Shrapnel Games, is a multi-OS (supporting Windows, Mac, and Linux) turn-based strategy game set in a world of epic struggle between men, monsters, and gods. This isn’t a game merely about conquering stone keeps and collecting golden booty; no, in Dominions 3 true victory comes not from shiny baubles and real estate, but true godhood!

Lead one of over fifty nations in three different Ages, against up to twenty other players (AI or human), in the ultimate struggle of sword and steel for the right to claim dominion over all. Simultaneous turn structuring keeps the massive number of players thoroughly involved in the game, without downtime, and with the incredible number of options available to players each turn, gameplay is always tense and exciting.

Just as NetHack, with its seemingly endless catalog of creatures and items is considered by many to be the ultimate Rogue experience, Dominions 3: The Awakening strives to achieve the same status in the world of 4X strategy gaming. Featuring more than 1500 troop types, 600+ spells, and 300+ magic items, it will take players an epoch to merely see everything Dominions 3 has to offer. Yet, that day never has to come. Dominions 3 has been built with the mod-maker in mind, allowing players to easily add new items into the game. Mod-making can be as simple as you like, such as easily importing new maps into the game, or more complex, such as creating new items.

While for many the true thrill of Dominions comes with playing against others, the single-player experience has been enhanced in Dominions 3: The Awakening with the oft-requested random map feature. An endless supply of maps to wage celestial war on at the click of the mouse! Other improvements over previous titles in the series includes less micromanagement, transparent mechanics, overhauled graphics, a streamlined interface, rebalanced gameplay elements, map filters, an autotax ability, a thick tome of a manual by Bruce Geryk, and much more. Fans of the series will find the core gameplay that is so addictive hasn’t been changed, but the entire experience has been made cleaner, and less threatening to newcomers.

Dominions 3: The Awakening is available through the Shrapnel Games’ online-store, the Gamers Front at for only $54.95. With a record- breaking pre-order sale blitz, and considering the number of print runs that Dominions II: The Ascension Wars went through, order now if you don’t want to get caught waiting for a new print run! Dominions 3: The Awakening is guaranteed to be even hotter when it ships!

For more information on Dominions 3: The Awakening or any of the other fine strategy titles available through Shrapnel Games, one of the leading independent publishers of distinct software, please visit us at Stay tuned for more news on Dominions 3 as it becomes available!