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Posted on Feb 15, 2008 in Games PR

PR: Detailed description of Macodonia – Lost Glory in Europa Universalis Rome

Armchair General

New York, USA (February 15, 2008) Which country will you lead in the next grand strategy title Europa Universalis Rome? Publisher Paradox Interactive released today the second in a series of in-depths descriptions of the five largest countries in the upcoming addition to the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis series.

The second part goes into detail of Macedonia – “Lost Glory”:

In 323 BC, in Babylon, Alexander the Great died. The Macedon King was the greatest conquer the world had ever seen, and a military genius without peer. He turned Macedonia from the most powerful state in Greece into an Empire that stretched to the Indus Valley. However his empire would not last long after his death. With no obvious successor his generals, who history remembers as the Diadochi, would carve up the empire.


The general Cassander would take control of the old Macedonian heartland, however his sons were not of the same mould and his death would herald further warfare. An invasion of Gallic warriors would end the rule of king Ptolemy Keraunos and after a few more short-lived kings the field was whittled down to 2 contenders. On one side you had Antigonus Gonatas, grandson of the Diadochi Antigonus and nephew of Cassander. The other side saw, what many at the time thought, as the military heir of Alexander Phyrrus of Eprius.

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  1. “He turned Macedonia from the most powerful state in Greece into an Empire” big mistake, Macedonia is not a greek state.