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Posted on Oct 11, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Conquest of the Aegean Update

Armchair General

Conquest of the Aegean Update
Bayonets and bugs!

Staten Island, NY, October 11, 2006 – Matrix Games ( and Panther Games ( are pleased to announce the release of the first Conquest of the Aegean update. In addition to quashing a few bugs, this update also upgrades several key components of the AI, creating a more aggressive enemy to challenge players.

Panther Games’ award winning Airborne Assault series continues with Conquest of the Aegean as Hitler’s blitzkrieg descends on Greece and Crete. A plethora of panzergrenadiers and paratroopers pummel the precariously perched protectors of the Panhellenic peoples.


Tweaks to the AI include a new aggressiveness that triggers the enemy’s attacks sooner and more frequently, and continues them longer. Coupled with a new prioritization for enemy objectives, these changes produce an even more formidable opponent to test a player’s tactical skill.

Modifications are not limited to enemy ruthlessness, however. Players can now execute attacks with subordinate headquarters with better control and dispersion of units. Junior commands ensure that a player’s attack initiates with no gaps in the line, though enemy fire can still cause units to retreat and gaps to appear.

Armored unit performance is also updated, to more accurately replicate the way such forces were employed during the Second World War. Standoff ranges are employed for frequently during attacks and movements, allowing armored forces to engage enemy infantry before rushing in too close and allowing flank shots with short-range weapons.

In Conquest of the Aegean, players get to take on the role of either the Allied or German commanders and pit their wits against either a computer controlled opponent or a human opponent via LAN or the internet.

Play as the Allies in a desperate fight to maintain a foothold on the southern flank of Europe using the mountainous Greek terrain to achieve concealment and surprise. Or fight as the Axis, driving hard achieve a quick victory with minimal losses.

For more information on Conquest of the Aegean, please check the main Matrix Games page at for future press releases and discussions in the Conquest of the Aegean forums or the game web site at .