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Posted on Jun 9, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Conquest of the Aegean Has Been Released!

Armchair General

Conquest of the Aegean Has Been Released!

Pack Those ‘Chutes, This Is The Real Thing!

Staten Island , NY , June 9, 2006 – Matrix Games ( ) and Panther Games ( ) are proud to announce that Conquest of the Aegean is now available for sale via the Matrix Games Online Store for a digital download price of US $49.99.  Boxed copies will be available next week.

Panther Games continues its award winning Airborne Assault series with Conquest of the Aegean .  Before Hitler attacked Russia , he unleashed the bestiary of his German blitzkrieg on Allied forces in the Aegean peninsula. Swift moving panzer formations, efficiently ruthless motorized infantry, elite paratroops and mountain troops, airpower and more – the might of the German military at its peak. His army swept over the Hellenic world toward Athens , the ancient seat of civilization.


David Heath, Director of Operations for Matrix Games, said, “The release of Conquest of the Aegean really raises the realism bar for operational wargaming.  In addition to being a great game, the approach it takes to historical accuracy in both research and results is second to none.”

The Airborne Assault series has revolutionized wargaming with a continuous-time-game-engine that brings military strategy to life in a deeply realistic yet supremely playable game environment.  Highway to the Reich , the previous game in the series, earned an 89% rating from PC Gamer, 8.1/10 from GameSpot and 4/5 from GameSpy for its realistic and elegant gameplay.

Dave O’Connor of Panther Games said, “We’re very excited about the release of Conquest of the Aegean and the improvements we’ve built into the engine since Highway to the Reich.   We believe the Matrix Games Community will love the results

In Conquest of the Aegean , players get to take on the role of either the Allied or German commanders and pit their wits against either a computer controlled opponent or a human opponent via LAN or the internet.

Play as the Allies in a desperate fight to maintain a foothold on the southern flank of Europe using the mountainous Greek terrain to achieve concealment and surprise. Or fight as the Axis, driving hard achieve a quick victory with minimal losses.

Battles in the game cover the Greco-Italian War, the German Invasion of Greece, the German Invasion of Crete, a fictional scenario for the Invasion of Malta by Axis forces, and numerous other "what if" scenarios that will allow you to reshape history.

Features Include:

· Improved AI, Smarter both as an opponent and when executing your orders, including:

o Force Allocation

o Reaction and Reassessment

o Formation code

o Retreat code

· Realistic Resupply System

· Mixed Mode Movement and Slope Effects

· New Equipment and Units from Italy , Germany , Greece , Crete , Britain , Australia , New Zealand , Malta and Free France

· Over 20 new maps!

· Over 30 new scenarios!

· Realistic Delay and Withdraw Tasks

· Exit Tasks

· Linked Tasks

· Map Improvements

· Enhanced Interface, including:

o Order of Battle display

o Display Tool Bar

o New Planning Tools

o Message Log and filters

o SOP History Log

o Enhanced Terrain popup

o Improved Data displays

· Additional Weather Patterns and Detailed Weather Modeling

· Over 1,000 new Estabs

· Force List Export/Import

· Mod-able Victory Messages

· Mod-able Terrain Key

· … and many more!

For more information on Conquest of the Aegean , please check the main Matrix Games page at for future press releases and discussions in the Conquest of the Aegean forums or the game web site at .