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Posted on May 30, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Combat Mission: Shock Force Unconventional Warfare Blog Entry

Armchair General

Unconventional warfare – blog entry

New York, USA (May 30, 2007) – To illustrate the aspect of unconventional warfare in Combat Mission: Shock Force, new screenshots showing off the feature were released today.

In addition to the screens, developer Battlefront has updated the CMSF blog with a full entry dedicated to the subject. This is an excerpt:

Even though Combat Mission Shock Force is focusing on a future hypothetical conventional war, it would not be complete without the inclusion of some basic elements of unconventional warfare. It is an unfortunate fact that the lines between conventional and unconventional warfare are blurring today. Partly due to the strength of the western forces in the area of conventional warfare, unconventional methods are more and more the big equalizer for the opposing force.


As game designers the challenge for us is to add the various elements of unconventional warfare, such as IEDs (improvised explosive devices) or spies, in a realistic way, while preventing them from unbalancing the rest of the simulation. The imbalance could swing either way – if not powerful enough, unconventional elements might be a mere nuisance, only adding micromanagement for both players without any real purpose. If too powerful, players might be tempted to overuse unconventional tactics, thus pushing the limits on what the game is designed to simulate.And that is a conventional warfare setting with an unconventional component, not the other way around.


Read the full entry.

Combat Mission: Shock Force is set for a worldwide release on July 27, 2007.

For more information about the game go to


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