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Posted on Mar 21, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Combat Mission: Shock Force blog launched!

Armchair General

Combat Mission: Shock Force blog launched!

New York, USA (March 21, 2007) – Paradox Interactive announced today that Battlefront, the developers behind Combat Mission: Shock Force, have created a blog to keep gamers in the loop of the latest developments and behind the scene gossip.

The modern tactical war game is setting out to challenge the standard of current wargames available and the blog is one way to increase the interaction between the developer and gamers.

To read the latest entry and new screens visit the blog.


Here’s a short excerpt: 

"Modern conflicts are often categorized as „asymmetrical wars". Not only because the forces engaged in battle on both sides differ from each other in equipment and training, but also because they pursue entirely different goals. Few games, if any, are able to simulate this.

Almost all wargames out there feature only symmetrical goals, such as when both sides fight to control a flag worth a certain amount of points. The early Combat Mission games worked like this as well, obviously. While adequate (but by far not optimal) for a World War Two simulation, this simplified approach is incompatible with the battlefields of today and tomorrow. Therefore Combat Mission: Shock Force was designed from the ground up to incorporate asymmetric objectives.

Asymmetric objectives take into account what each side sees as its purpose for fighting and how it should judge the degree of success or failure.What one side considers a victory might be considered a tactical defeat by the other side.The concept is very simple in design, but allows scenario makers to create a nearly unlimited number of combinations and situations.

For more information about Combat Mission: Shock Force please go to: