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Posted on Feb 14, 2008 in Games PR

PR: Codename: Panzers – Cold War Gameplay Trailer Shows How Fresh Troops Can be Sent into Battle

Armchair General

Darmstadt, February 14th 2008 – In Codename: Panzers – Cold War new troops can be ordered to, and will muster at, re-supply points such as helipads, train stations, harbors or factories. Players must first capture these strategic targets before they can use them. New units cost a varying amount of Prestige Points, which represent the games currency, depending on the unit. Prestige is earned through the destruction of enemy troops, capturing Prestige Flags and by completing missions. This method of supplying fresh troops adds opens a wide range of tactical possibilities and adds a brand-new element to the Codename: Panzers series. Codename: Panzers – Cold War will be released in Europe for PCs at the end of March 2008.

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During the Cold War conflict, a period in which the differences of opinion between the Allied occupying forces and the Soviet Union become ever sharper, an airplane accident occurs over Tempelhof Airport during the Berlin Blockade, with grave consequences. The tragic collision of an American airplane carrying relief goods with a Russian fighter plane costs not only the lives of both crews, but also overstretches the already tense relations between the occupying forces. Under the command of the merciless Stalin, the Red Army has undergone a tremendous expansion at the end of the Second World War and has more-or-less been waiting for the right time to extend their territory to the West by attacking the NATO.

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