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Posted on Aug 8, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Blitzkrieg War in Europe 1939 – 1945 Released!

Armchair General

Blitzkrieg War in Europe 1939 – 1945 Released!

The command of forces in World War II now in the palm of your hand!

Staten Island , NY , August 8 th , 2006 Matrix Games ( ) and PlayTek ( are pleased to announce that Blitzkrieg War in Europe 1939 -1945  is now available through the Matrix Games Online Store. Blitzkrieg War in Europe 1939 – 1945 is the first is the first WWII strategy game for Palm OS and Pocket PC 2003. It is a turn-based strategy game that lets you try your skills as a supreme commander of Allied, Axis or Soviet troops.


Blitzkrieg War in Europe 1939 – 1945 , is available for immediate download today with boxed copies to follow later this week.   Blitzkrieg War in Europe 1939 – 1945 lets you take the roll of supreme commander of the World War II forces in Europe in 20 scenarios ranging from the German invasion of Poland to the US and British liberation of France.  Take command of the Axis forces in an attempt to change history or side with the Allied and Soviet forces in an attempt to rid Europe of the Axis forces.

List of Scenarios:

1. German invasion of Poland 1939
2. Plan Yellow: German attack on France 1940
3. Dunkirk 1940
4. Barbarossa – Race to Moscow 1941
5. Operation Barbarossa – campaign
6. Operation Typhoon – German advance to Moscow 1941
7. Battle for Moscow 1941 – Soviet winter counterattack
8. Operation Blue: Battle of Stalingrad – German advance to Stalingrad
9. Operation Uranus – Soviet counterattack in Stalingrad
10. Encirclement and destruction of the German 6th Army in Stalingrad
11. Battle of Kursk 1943 – the largest tank battle of WWII
12. Operation Bagration 1944 – Soviets take the strategic iniative on the Eastern front
13. Soviet Winter Offensive 1945 – attack on Berlin
14. El Alamein – Afrika Korps vs. British 8th Army
15. Battle of France 1944 – US and British invasion of France
16. What if scenario: France attacks Germany in September 1939
17. What if scenario: Operation Sealion 1940 – German invasion of Great Britain
18./19. German secret weapons on the Western front – two scenarios
20. Wunderwaffe on Eastern front

With 45 different types of ground, air and naval units at your disposal, fight the AI in 16 bit graphics and 240×240, 240×320 or 480×640 pixels resolutions. With Blitzkrieg War in Europe 1939-1945, y ou will truly feel like the fate of World War II Europe is in the palm of your hand!

For more information on Blitzkrieg War in Europe 1939 – 1945 , visit or the PlayTek homepage at

Blitzkrieg War in Europe 1939 – 1945 – the game that every armchair general on the go should have.

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