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Posted on Jan 11, 2008 in Games PR

PR: Battle Your Way Through The Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology

Armchair General


Releasing in February 2008, the Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology encompasses all three Blitzkrieg 2 games for the ultimate strategy war package. The set includes Blitzkrieg 2, Blitzkrieg 2 – Liberation and Blitzkrieg 2 Fall of the Reich.

Blitzkrieg 2

World War II is taken into full 3D with stunning visual effects to display all the battlefield action and glory. Players can command German, American and Russian World War 2 armies, taking charge of more than 250 types of historically accurate units, including 60 types of ground infantry. With over 80 missions and 15 multiplayer maps, players can enjoy creating their own single missions or campaigns.

Blitzkrieg 2 – Liberation
The gritty realism of World War II is brought to life with the choice of two different campaigns; lead the Allied forces as they battle through Italy or oversee the escape of the German and Italian armies from France. Impressive visuals mean you can experience the beautiful European landscape before your tank rumbles through and the bombs begin to fall.


Blitzkrieg 2 – Fall of the Reich
This covers three major offensives from the final days of fighting on The Eastern front. Soviet and German campaigns such as the ‘Siege of Budapest,’ ‘Fortress Kurland’ and ‘Operation Bagration’ can be played. 16 historically based missions will challenge beginner and veteran strategists as they try to capture or defend the remnants of the German war machine during the final days of World War II.

Blitzkrieg 2 – Anthology
Whether you tackle the unforgiving deserts of Northern Africa, the dangerous forests of the Ardennes, or the endless Steppe of the Eastern Front, Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology allows you to relive and experience the ultimate in World War II historic battles.

Fast facts:
Publisher: Ascaron Entertainment / Nobilis
Developer: Ino’Co / 1C
Release date: 29th February 2008
PEGI: +12
Format: PC
Genre: Battle Strategy

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  1. I have Blitzkrieg 2. I don’t know why? But i can’t create a mission? Can you help?