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Posted on Nov 27, 2007 in Games PR

PR: Atari to Engage in Additional Combat With ArmA: Gold

Armchair General

NEW YORK, Nov. 26: Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR), one of the world’s most recognized brands and a third-party video game publisher, today announced that it will publish ArmA: Gold, a compilation of Arma: Combat Operations and Arma: Queens Gambit, Bohemia Interactive’s newest military expansion pack for the Windows platform also available via digital download. "ArmA: Queens Gambit offers players an exciting new campaign with seven more missions for an exceptional combat simulation game," said Todd Slepian, Producer, Atari, Inc. "Fans of Arma: Combat Operations, hailed as ‘… the most complete and perhaps even the best combat simulator out there’ by, are sure to enjoy this extensive expansion. Additionally, gamers can check out the original and expansion with Arma: Gold." In ArmA: Combat Operations, players will be able to engage in the story-driven single-player campaign or take part in huge multiplayer battles with more than 50 players on one battlefield at once. Featuring a vast environment with more than 150 square miles to explore, ArmA: Combat Operations will allow players to pilot or drive more than 30 vehicles including APCs, tanks, self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, helicopters and fighter planes. The game features an extremely powerful built-in editor which allows players to create and share complex missions as well as import user-created units and maps. ArmA: Queens Gambit will offer a new story-based campaign occurring 18 months after the ArmA: Combat Operations war conflict. In the same realistic combat simulation experience, you will be arriving with a group of seasoned mercenaries to help the government with a sensitive matter that the army cannot handle alone. With unprecedented freedom of movement, actions and tactics, the game will allow players to immerse themselves in battle with six completely new characters, new vehicles and seven original campaigns. For more information on Atari and its entire product line-up please visit