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Posted on Jul 20, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Arena : Warriors Concept Art

Armchair General

London, 20th July 2006. Slitherine has released more concept art for Arena: Warriors, their upcoming RTS/RPG hybrid. Work on the engine progresses well but until all the elements are in Slitherine are holding back release of screenshots to ensure they do the finished game justice. This means for now you have to make do with concept art, but what beautiful concept art! The Empire is an ancient civilization, which has been through many tough times. These have hardened it’s peoples opinions and they have become ritualistic and xenophobic. Religion plays a huge role in this society and it’s great monuments are testament to it’s past glories. But can a nation so stuck in it’s way look to the future in these uncertain times?

Concept Art

Empire Archer 
Empire Spearman 
Empire Swordsman 
Empire Scout 
Empire Paladin 
Empire Leader 
Empire Angel Statue 


About Arena : Warriors

Arena: Warriors is a role-playing strategy game set in a rich fantasy world. The game is a unique blend of traditional RPG and RTS genres, where players can recruit, equip and train huge armies to fight in real time in epic 3D battles. The player chooses varied missions and quests from a story driven campaign, developing their fledgling army into an elite fighting force strong enough to defeat the evil threatening their world. The training, equipment and appearance of individual units can be customized by the player, allowing them to craft their own army. Website