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Posted on Oct 30, 2006 in Games PR

PR: Air Command 3.0 Now Available For Digital Download!

Armchair General

Air Traffic Control Delivered Straight To Your Desktop!
Air Command 3.0 Now Available For Digital Download!

Hampstead, NC, 30 October 2006

Shrapnel Games would like to announce that Air Command 3.0, the intense air traffic control simulation developed by Joe’s Games for Windows, is now available for purchase through the Shrapnel Games’ e-store, the Gamers Front as a download. Available for only $39.95, gamers can be playing the full retail version within minutes of purchase!

Air Command 3.0 allows gamers to step into the shoes of an air traffic controller at one of the world’s busiest airports and push tin on your personal computer (for an even more exhilarating experience play in a darkened room, with the air conditioner going full blast, and skip sleep for a week). Yes, you too can experience all the high-stress fun of directing passenger-laden planes without the guilt when you screw up. Digital planes colliding and raining debris for miles = guilty pleasure. Real planes colliding and raining debris for miles = massive lawsuit (and probably some guilt, but without the pleasure).


Covering a unique subject, Air Command 3.0 boasts an impressive array of features to bring the experience to life. Digitized pilot voices, along with possible communication errors between the pilots and the control tower, make for an authentic feeling experience. Weather, with real world Doppler radar precipitation patterns, can play a factor. Players direct both inbound and outbound flights at a variety of airports, with a built-in editor that allows players to create any type of airport they want. A scalable difficulty allows everyone from the "never been to an airport in real life" type to the "just retired from being a real air traffic controller" gamer to enjoy Air Command 3.0.

Gamespy said of Air Command 3.0, "Have you ever seen those jugglers that juggle three objects and then suddenly have three or four more thrown into the mix? That’s what it feels like during the rush hour in Air Command 3.0. Just when you think you’ve got the situation under control, it changes. However, when you get it right, it’s very rewarding, and when you get it wrong, you’re left with the mix of anger and desire to improve what is sometimes called addiction."

The first hit is always free, so if you want to start your own path of addiction feel free to check out the time-limited demo at:

The full version of Air Command 3.0, available for Windows, may be purchased (and downloaded immediately!) at:

An expansion pack featuring 34 real-world airports is also available at the Gamers Front for download.

Air Command 3.0 is a different kind of strategy game. You’ve mastered sweeping across the world with armies, chugging across the Great Plains on a railroad, bringing peace and harmony to the galaxy in a starship, turning your god into the supreme god, so why not see what the friendly skies hold? Can you juggle half a dozen flights with a cold front moving through?

More information on this title, along with our complete listing of our award-winning and always challenging strategy games for everyone, can be found at