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Posted on Feb 6, 2005 in Stuff We Like

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Armchair General


The city of Portsmouth lies on the south coast of Hampshire, England. Occupying the island of Portsea, the town lies on the eastern edge of a large natural harbour, the best place for ships to shelter in the entire region of the country.

This natural sanctuary has long been recognised. The Romans controlled the harbour from a large fort on its northern perimeter, and later, Norman conquerors built a Castle on the same spot.

For over 800 years, the city has been home to British naval vessels ever since Richard the First granted the town its first charter in 1194. The world’s first dry-dock was built here in 1495, and throughout the centuries, Naval vessels of all shapes and sizes have called Portsmouth their home.


It is said that "When Britain ruled the waves, it ruled from Portsmouth Royal Dockyard".

Today, in addition to a container port and docking facilities for cross-channel ferries, the dockyard is still the headquarters of the entire Royal Navy, and also a major tourist attraction, featuring exhibits hundreds of years old.

I personally have a strong connection with the city, with family members originating from the town of Gosport on the western side of the harbour, and having personally lived there for many years. Join me in a trip around the Historic Dockyard to get a flavour of this place, steeped in British history.

Here’s a picture of yours-truly with his favourite magazine stood next to HMS Victory.


This report covers the following aspects of the Dockyard:

1) Attractions.

2) The Mary Rose.

3) HMS Warrior 1860.

4) HMS Victory.

5) The modern Dockyard.

You’ll find the following link of interest:

The following pictures were taken using a Sony DSC-P12 Cyber-Shot digital camera and a Sony DCR-PC101E PAL Camcorder. Clicking on the thumbnail pictures will display a larger version.

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