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Posted on Oct 14, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Photos From Iraq and Lending a Hand

Editorial Staff

Back in 2006 and 2007 we were posting letters from Iraq from a soldier, and friend, serving a tour there.  He sent us seven letters which you can read in sequence here;

Letters From Iraq 1: Getting Started

Letters From Iraq 2: Devils, Dogs, and Dub Dub Lizards

Letters From Iraq 3: Life, Death, and Helicopters

Letters From Iraq 4: Fobbits!

Letters From Iraq 5: Sand, Pools, and RPGs

Letters from Iraq 6: Light infantry, HOOAH!

Letters from Iraq 7: Anger, Stay Back!

Now, in 2008, our friend is back in Iraq and sending some photos from his new experiences.  I’ll try to keep updating this post with new photos as he sends them.  For now, I have a few to display;

{default} [gallery:180]

He writes of the center picture;

This an M1117 Guardian. It protects convoys. It has the venerable MA DUCE M2 .50 cal HB machine gun and a MK 19 40mm automatic grenade launcher. Note the police light bar on the front. I want one of these vehicles for Christmas LOL.

If you have an interest in sending a care package to soldiers in Iraq, Russ advises you contact  If you’d like to send to Russ’s unit (the soldier above) please contact us here at Armchair General for his address.  Additionally, here is a list of things Russ said are in high demand from fellow soldiers;

Small boxes or packs of Kleenex
Throat lozenges
Stuff for colds
Nuts (yeah like we have enough running around here with weapons, so just the edible kind please)
Beef jerky
Hard candy
Tooth paste, any size or type, travel size works ok
COFFEE (its cooling down and we will consume a lot of it)
Puzzle books
DVD Movies (you can send used ones we will leave them for the next crew or the post library)

Thanks for your support!



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