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Posted on Oct 9, 2006 in Armchair Reading

Pacific War Books

By Michael Keilty

Dear Armchair General

I enjoyed your list on top 10 Pacific war books. One that I think should be on it or highly recommended would be "Pacific Alamo the battle for Wake Island" by John Wukovits. It’s the story of a hand full of military (mainly Marines) personnel and civilian construction workers who gave the Japanese their first taste of defeat, plus the book goes into the lives of the men as POW’s. I hope you take a look at this book and let your readers know about this almost forgotten piece of Pacific war history.

Thank You

* * *

Thanks for the tip Michael!

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  1. Dear Armchair General:
    For a truly engaging, exciting, and fun- yes, fun, piece of historical fiction about a fictional coastwatcher and his band of native insurgents, check out Song of the Solomons, part I: Faultlines in the Pacific by E. Hunt Augustus. This is an accessible book that will introduce the Pacific Theater conflict and its importance.