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Posted on Jun 5, 2015 in Books and Movies

Order in Chaos – Book Review

Order in Chaos – Book Review

By Jerry D. Morelock

untitledOrder in Chaos: The Memoirs of General of Panzer Troops Hermann Balck. Edited and translated by Major General David T. Zabecki, USA, ret. and Lieutenant Colonel Dieter J. Biedekarken, USA, ret., Foreword by Carlo D’Este (University of Kentucky Press, 2015). General Zabecki and Colonel Biedekarken deserve our highest praise for producing the first English language edition of the memoirs of Germany’s best panzer division commander in World War II. Balck’s fascinating account of his life and his combat experiences in both world wars comes to vivid live in this expertly translated and wonderfully edited book. (Major General David T. Zabecki, ret, wrote about Hermann Balck in a 2008 article on our partner site, HistoryNet.)

Jerry D. Morelock, PhD, Colonel, U.S. Army ret. is the former Editor in Chief of Armchair General magazine. Currently, he is Editor at Large, World History Group ( His latest book is “Generals of the Bulge: Leadership in the U.S. Army’s Greatest Battle” (Stackpole Books, March 2015).