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Posted on May 29, 2008 in War College

Once A Marine Book Discussion

Armchair General

Welcome to Armchair General magazine!

We are pleased to announce we have set up a discussion board for the book Once A Marine by Nick Popaditch. This book illustrates how hard our soldiers are fighting in Iraq (and elsewhere), as well as how hard things can be if they get injured.  We invite everyone to join our forums to discuss this book, discuss our Wounded Warriors, and if nothing else to say thanks for their service and sacrifice.

1. You can read posts as a guest, but you must register if you’d like to write on our board.  Registration takes about a minute, and we collect no personal information other than a valid email address.

2. You can access the discussion by clicking the Once A Marine forum OR you can register and discuss the book at the bottom of this post.


3. We allow free and clear discussions of most any topic on our forum.  The basic rule is to use common courtesy.  When in doubt, read our rules.  Any insults of our troops will be dealt with swiftly.  We have a higher standard here than most forums.



  1. Hello Everyone

    My name is Theodore P. Savas, managing director of Savas Beatie LLC. We are the publisher of Nick Popaditch’s fine new book “Once a Marine: An Iraq War Tank Commander’s Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery” (October 1, 2008). I don’t think we have ever been as excited to produce a title as we have with this one.

    I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their interest and support of Nick and April. They are wonderful people who have sacrificed a lot, and the fact that they have your respect, love, and best wishes means a lot to everyone associated with this project.

    VIDEO BOOK TRAILER: We have exciting news. Within a few days we will be releasing a video book trailer for “Once a Marine.” I just saw the rough cut, and it is wonderful. We will post the link soon so check out and to catch it.

    SEEING NICK: Nick will be speaking around the country on behalf of his book, our wonderful military, and other important veteran issues. We appreciate your kind support. Check out for his schedule, which changes often.

    HOW YOU CAN HELP: He he cannot do this alone. Please email or call everyone you know, send them to and ask them to get involved to help make this book a success.

    If you are so inclined, please do not hesitate to contact radio stations, local newspapers, TV, etc. and tell them to get Nick Popaditch on the air.

    This honorable man speaks from his heart, and has an opportunity to communicate from a platform that will send a strong message across our country about things we all care very deeply about: our freedom, our liberty, a strong military, and the care and love and support of our wounded veterans.

    Thanks again.

    Best Regards,

    Theodore P. Savas
    Savas Beatie LLC
    989 Governor Drive, Suite 102
    El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
    916.941.6896 (Voice)
    916-941.6895 (Fax)

    Join us online for some publishing blogspeak at and http://savasbeatiemarketing.blogspot

  2. Hi. If I order this book, will it be signed? Thanks

  3. I wonder where a person from Finland can get a copy of this book the most easy way? Is it Amazon? (they do take a fiew bob extra expecially on books
    that are ‘hot’ at the moment)… Maybe through ACG publications?

    Any ideas?

    Please e-mail me if you know the best way to order this book. It seems to be a great book as otherwize there wouldnt be all this stuff going on
    arround it. Looking forward for a good read.

    Yours truly,

    Nelson Cook,
    Helsinki, finland.

  4. I found it! It’s the publishers page.

  5. I purchased and read the book, and for myself, it has been life changing.

    I am a Marine, I was discharged 25 years ago. I was recently injured at work and have been dealing with it for a year now, and most likely for the
    rest of my life.

    I will never again whine, to anyone about my injury, after reading about true courage.

    The book is worth every penny.

    How do I arrange an event for my area?

    Semper Fi.

  6. i dont know if you do public appearances, but, i would like to
    invite you to talk with the greatest marine that I know. he has
    taught me more about being a member of the american legion
    and what being an appreciative american is all about. he has
    made this organization into the most patriotic place that any
    member will understand. he teaches us the loyalty that comes
    with being an american. he is a leader that everyone will follow
    and i would really love to invite you to speak sometime, so we can
    adimire what YOU have done for this country. it would
    definately bring more understanding to our membership. you
    are truly an american hero. i admire you and now understand.
    If you are available, please call my cell as i would like to make
    this a surprise. 219-707-0082

    thank you with all my heart
    and god bless

    rebecca delreal
    love of sgt le cook 1970-1977

  7. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks so much for your post. I just called and left you a voicemail. Nick Popaditch will be in East Chicago and Terre Haute, IN in December on his
    book signing tour. I hope we can work something out for you to attend one of his events at that time. Please contact me so I can share the event
    information with you.

    Sarah Keeney

  8. I received a comment on a post on my blog Little Drops….into the Pool of Life ( Tammy Hall was the commenter. She sent me here.

    Today, I pulled that comment out to help get Nick’s story out there. I also notified a few journalist friends. Trying to contact a few who have blogtalk radio podcasts’. Hopefully soon you or he will hear from them. The Milbloggers are very supportive and protective of our Wounded Warriors.

    Thanks go to Tammy for letting me know..

    May God bless Nick and you all!

  9. Thanks, Lynnis. We really appreciate your efforts.

    Sarah Keeney

  10. Hello, I have a question. I destroyed by lower spin in an work related accident and just wanted to speak with or e-mail Gunny Popaditch. I attempted to post on the link for the discussion link but it kept getting bounced. I’d appreciate any help,
    Sgt. Chris “Jethro” Davidson
    USAF Ret.

  11. Dear Sgt. Chris “Jethro” Davidson,

    Thanks for your note. Sorry you were having problems with the system. I will send you an email.

    Sarah Keeney

  12. Dear Savisbeatie, i recently finished reading gunny pops book…….”once a Marine” and i must say it’s a keeper!!

    I’m one of those who slowly plows thru and put’s off completeing a book for a few weeks etc.etc but…. this one was a cover to cover in a few hours mission.. !!

    You see, I covered the same ground as “Pop” in regards to san diego(mcrd) pendleton, and ”yes”” two nine” from 1982-1986

    It was a reunion so to say just reading this book!!!!! i could go on and on you might say…….

    just wanted to let you know that I will be passing on this information to my circle of marine corps vet’s from my time and insisting this a “must read” semp fi……..

  13. I am not a marine but am a 101 SCREAMING EAGLE and was fotunate to have met GUNNY at our POST 403 in WANATAH IN this thursday past.NICK Iwould have been PROUD to go to battle with you,you are my kind of WARRIOR,GUNS and if you EVER get back to our area,please stop in to the post you KNOW the brew is on us!!!!If you care to give me a shout my phone is 219-733-2612,thanks again for coming,NICK,you and APRIL WERE made for each other,,GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS..don scurlock, SGT. at ARMS POST 403 AMERICAN LEGION, WANATAH, IN

  14. Dear Rob House and SGT. Don Scurlock,

    Thank you both for your comments about Once a Marine and the Popaditchs. I will be sure to pass them on to Nick and April Popaditch. We appreciate your support. If you have a chance, please leave a brief review of Once a Marine on Amazon.

    Thanks again.

    Sarah Keeney

  15. HOOAHH! THAT is ARMY for OORAH! and GUNNY,if you wrote this book to INSPIRE people,you hit a GRAND SLAM. Some of my airborne DI taught me what you know is right ,,Give 110% even when you don’t feel like it. You have my utmost respect GUNS andlike I said before about coming back to northern In.CALL US our post LOVED having you and your BETTER HALF APRIL here..DYNAMITE READ,got to get it for one of my MARINE CORPS buddies. Thanks again NICK for coming to see us Don Scurlock Sgt. at Arms Post 403 American Legion ,WANATAH IN.

  16. Hi. Good site.

  17. I went to high school with Nick and have really enjoyed reading his story. He was not quite the nerd he thinks he was in high school. He actually helped me write an English paper while we were in Mr. Titus’ calculus class. He should be extremely proud of himself .

    Congratulation on the book’s success and I am so glad he is doing so well otherwise.

  18. I am a military wife and stand up comedian. My focus is on the inner healing of military wives who go through deployments with thier spouses. I could not put this book down. It is fresh, raw, and truthful. As a wife of a military grunt I recommend this book to all military wives. It is an amazing glimps inside the mind of a warrior. As I read I could so relate to Gunny’s wife and the home enviroment adjusting after war. It is must read for all military families

  19. As a daughter of a World War II gunnery sargent, the sister of a marine serving in Viet Nam and the mother of 2 Air Force sons (well, we need them too), I will definitely purchase this book. Nick’s spot on Fox’s “Red Eye” brought tears to my eyes and I absolutely love Nick’s Marine Eye! My appreciation and aloha goes out to all Maines. The United States of America will remain strong and free through your sacrifices.

  20. One of our authors, Nick “Gunny Pop” Popaditch (Marine tank commander, Silver Star recipient, combat wounded–only 8 percent vision remaining in his left eye, with the other blown out) was on Fox News Channel (Red Eye late show) this week, and the result has been overwhelmingly positive. You can watch the clip here: Funny, quirky show and Nick had a great time. Hope you like it.

    Check out this link!

    Thanks for all your support of Nick and his family!

    Tammy Hall
    Sacramento, CA

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  22. I served with Gunny Pop. He was a corpal when I reported to 1st tanks in 1987. I remeber a lot of good times we had. Thanks for the book it has helped me out. Like he has in the past as my corpal in the paltoon. Big John

  23. I purchased 2 copies of the book which I read one and sent the other to my son who is a Marine deployed over seas. He thought the book was fantastic, admired Gunny Pop. I thought it was Amazing. I felt that I could relate to many parts of the book and felt heroism for all the men and women who serve our country. They put their lives on the line every minute of every day. I commend Gunny Pop for his bravery and determination to fight for his country and family. Sempi Fi!!

  24. Nick and I were tankers together at 29 palms. We went on to be Drill Instructors together at MCRD San Diego. We had many good times. Looking back on my Marine Corps career, I can say without a doubt he was one of the finest, dedicated, and professional Marines I ever had the pleasure to serve with. I would love to purchase his book however I will only purchase a copy when it is hand delivered by Nick to me. The pressure is on old friend. Semper Fi

  25. I recently had the pleasure of attending an event in which MGySGt. Nick Popaditch, CW4 Michael Durant and Brigadier General Steve Ritchie were the guest speakers. I expected to hear some great stories, which I did. What I didnt expect was the incredible inspiration each one provided. It was called “A day of Heroes”, but they all spent most of the time describing the heroics of others. I was already proud of our service men, but I left with a new understanding of what our guys go through. If you have the opportunity to see anyone of these gentlemen…go for it!!!!!

  26. Gunny,

    I just wanted to stop by and say your my HERO and thank you for your service. Good luck on the campaign and I will be following it as close as possible.

    Good Luck and Thanks,

    Mark Wisdom

  27. Dear Gunny POP, not sure you remember me but i was with Bravo co as a corpman when you got hurt and came home i just want to say that will forever remember your story and will try to live up to your standers.
    Semper Fi
    Doc Nelson

  28. Gunny Pop, Just finished reading your book. It was great, did so enjoy where you were coming from and what you believe in. There
    aren’t a lot of men left in this world that are like you and are willing to
    put it down on paper. It did my heart good to read your words. God
    Bless you and keep you safe. Wish you well in your political endevors – we need men like you to tell them how it really is…..
    Navy League of Central Florida

  29. We homeschooled our two boys, the older of which is a Midshipman 2/C at a college in NY state, and the younger of which will be signing enlistment papers next week and shipping out after he graduates from high school in June. For the younger boy’s English literature this year, we are working our way through the USMC required reading list. Let’s just say that once he got a hold of this book, he didn’t put it down until he finished it, and I didn’t have to remind him to get some reading done. He says this will go on his shelf next to Shooter and will be one that he reads over and over again as he does that one. Thank you for a realistic, honest approach to life in the Marines. Thank you, Gunnery Sergeant, for your service to our country and your inspiration to our young recruit hopeful.

  30. Good Evening, I’ve been trying to send an email regarding an invite to a up coming event. But the web site is not allowing me to send an email. Please contact me I would greatly appreciate it.