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Posted on Sep 11, 2012 in Armchair Reading

November 2012 Mailbag

By Armchair General

Dear ACG,

I have subscribed to this magazine since it began (a few years back) and always enjoy the contents. One of the regular items I find extremely interesting are those articles by Ralph Peters. His views are so obviously “on the money” it makes one wonder just where do our leaders (political and military) have their heads? Too often their decisions, policies and actions are less than realistic. They repeatedly seem to evaluate our “allies” and enemies motives in terms of our own American (Western Civilization) values and beliefs. You would think that by now our leaders would realize the folly of this. I hope this will change sooner than later or the results will be disastrous for us. I would like to reprint a few of Ralph Peters articles but can’t find then on the website. Is there some way I could do that? Thanks for your time.


Robert Moreau, Lt. Col. AUS (Ret) Kenner, LA.

Dear Colonel Moreau, Thanks very much for your email to Armchair General and for your comments on Ralph Peters’ articles. We do not have any of Ralph’s print magazine articles on our Website (we do have some web articles there that Ralph wrote exclusively for our Website). However, if you want to scan any of Ralph’s articles from the print magazine and reprint/reproduce them, that would be OK with us. Our policy is to permit reprints of any article in Armchair General magazine with the only requirement that at some appropriate place “originally published in Armchair General magazine” appear. However, as I noted, you would have to scan them from the original print magazine article as we do not have them on our Website. Thanks for your comments on Ralph’s ‘spot on’ articles and thanks for reading – and for subscribing to! — Armchair General.

Best Wishes,

Jerry Morelock, PhD Colonel, US Army, ret.
Editor in Chief, Armchair General Magazine


  1. Thank you mr. Peters for your article about generals backing up our troops. My dad was in the Korean War in the 2nd division and he said things happened that were not so pleasant but it happens in war and he had the co’s watching his back. It is high time that our troops have the support they deserve and get the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Did the same gentlemen write the “Blame the Troops” and “Sieges and Slaughters” articles? How does a leader instill lesson #5 Discipline in “S&S” if he chooses to ignore or give the impression of condoning misbehavior. A few sensational journalists find the anomaly of misconduct news worthy, and the modern leader must respond to the case of the dumb-ass in order to maintain discipline in the ranks.

  3. The “Blame the Troops” and “Sieges and Slaughters” articles both contain opinions that are misleading and that he wants us to take as fact. The “Blame the Troops” opinion artl. could have been served better with a little more fact. He ranted about Afghan Army and police and wants us to think ALL are like that, which is no more true than it is when our troops do things that bring them into bad light. And saying they do bad things so we don’t have to respect Afghan culture is just wrong. I don’t have to like all of their ways, but I know we must try our best, to not go out of our way to antagonize all Afghan people. This results in even more hatred, causing more unneeded deaths of Coalition Forces. I know that bad things will always happen, but no general or enlisted solider can condone these acts by either side.