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Posted on Jun 24, 2011 in History News

New Movie About Korean War Evacuation at Heungnam

By Media release

This news release was received by Armchair General:

In Dec. 1950, Korea’s northeast seaside town Heungnam was at the critical state: 105,000 American military members and 100,000 refugees were hemmed in by Chinese Reds and the North Korean military. Against an enemy’s attack, a shortage of troopships, and dreadful cold, refugees’ starvation was inevitable. In this poor situation, the American and Korean military gave up numerous war supplies and created the most loving and touching humanitarian drama by saving 100,000 refugees. One of the 7600-ton troopships entered in the Heungnam evacuation plan; the Meredith Victory was originally a merchant ship that was designed to carry only 59 passengers but it transported about 14,000 refugees to the land of freedom, South Korea. Five babies were born on the ship and they were named Kimchi one, Kimchi two, Kimchi three, Kimchi four, and Kimchi five by the American soldiers. Meredith Victory was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest humanitarian rescue operation by a single ship in 2004.


Exodus for Freedom’s Production Company, Mam Media Ltd., and its President, Mikyung Shin, plan to start filming in the second half of the year and simultaneously release it worldwide throughout the U.S., and 21 other countries who participated in the war, next fall. She said they are now arranging with Hollywood actors for the roles of Colonel Forney and General Almond. Also, she plans to create a touching humanitarian story with great appreciation to the U.S. and other Korean War veteran countries with the finest scenario, by conducting 2 years of historical research and data validation. Filming will start in the U.S. From June 25th, the 61st anniversary of the Korean War memorial service will open at the State House in Olympia, WA. The first scene will be filmed with Paull Shin, the Korean-American member of the Washington state Senate. He was a Korean War orphan who was adopted by an American family. Kimchi five, one of the babies of Meredith Victory, will also attend this event.

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  1. Did this venture go into production? Please update.