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Posted on Sep 6, 2011 in Games PR

New Indy Game – Unity of Command – Beta Announced


An independent game developer out of Croatia, 2 x 2 Games, has anounced it is working on a new World War II turn-based strategy game called Unity of Command. 2 x 2 Games is about to launch a beta for Unity of Command and players can sign up for it at

Unity of Command boasts the following features:

  • Easy to learn and intuitive, with fast and flowing gameplay.
  • Historically accurate operational-level units (Axis divisions, Soviet corps).
  • 20+ detailed scenarios, Axis and Soviet, at the scale of 20km per hex, 4 days per turn.
  • Campaign mode that puts historical and what-if scenarios in strategic context.
  • Sophisticated weather model, with realistic per-hex weather.
  • Novel supply system, providing for exciting battles of encirclement and breakout.
  • Aggressive AI that knows how to counterattack and threaten supply lines.
  • Integrated "History Mode" for after-action replays.
  • Multiplayer via the Internet

Beta tests are scheduled to begin September 15th.