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Posted on Sep 19, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Military Odyssey, 2005

Armchair General


Whilst the Detling show wasn’t as vehicle-intensive as Beltring just a few weeks before, there were still an impressive variety of AFVs and other vehicles around the grounds – including this immaculate Panzer III courtesy of the Bovington Tank Museum.

Thumb_Detling_001.JPG Thumb_Detling_002.JPG

This collection of WWII vehicles was operated by one re-enactment unit, including two late-war Tanks.


Thumb_Detling_003.JPG Thumb_Detling_004.JPG


Even the recent Gulf War was represented by this Land Rover and sentry.


A truck from the Great War drives past whilst an American convoy from the war that followed takes rest beneath some trees.

Thumb_Detling_018.JPG Thumb_Detling_020.JPG

At one stage, I was met by an advancing column of SS troops with their Half-tracks and trucks, heading off for battle.

Thumb_Detling_021.JPG Thumb_Detling_022.JPG

Here’s a nice German motorcycle alongside a more modern MBT.

Thumb_Detling_023.JPG Thumb_Detling_024.JPG

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