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Posted on Sep 19, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Military Odyssey, 2005

Armchair General


Around the site there were a great many encampments, each one home to period re-enactors living the life of their chosen soldiers. I was itching to see some Roman Legions roaming around, but alas I only found this single Centurion, although his uniform was magnificent.

Thumb_Detling_007.JPG Thumb_Detling_008.JPG

Here, some American Civil War artillerymen review their cannon, whilst away in the field a native American tepee gives shelter to its inhabitants.


Thumb_Detling_009.JPG Thumb_Detling_011.JPG

Some more historical artillery, and a drill in one of the battle arenas.

Thumb_Detling_012.JPG Thumb_Detling_016.JPG

Here are some chaps from just two of the many, many WWII-era German camps set up around the site.

Thumb_Detling_029.JPG Thumb_Detling_028.JPG

A column of troops that I don’t recognise(if I’m honest) heads off to battle.


"Ah yes, lost are we? Yes your war is this way, follow me to the 19th Century Zone"


A group of British Redcoats march past, and later indulge in parade and a tribute to the King. Huzzah!

Thumb_Detling_040.JPG Thumb_Detling_044.JPG

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