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Posted on Sep 19, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Military Odyssey, 2005

Armchair General


With three arenas to choose from, there was always some kind of action going on at Detling, be it simple parade drill or fully-fledged battle.

The first deadly encounter I came across involved a group of Saxon warriors fighting some ancient Britons. With battle helmets gleaming in the sunlight, round shields at the ready, the men of both sides were a fearsome sight to behold. Here we see an early skirmish as scouts tangle prior to the main event – whilst a battle line forms to charge the enemy.

Thumb_Detling_102.JPG Thumb_Detling_104.JPG

Having psyched themselves up into a frenzy, the two sides charged each other, coming together in a blistering clash of steel and flesh.


Thumb_Detling_105.JPG Thumb_Detling_106.JPG

However the battle swiftly degenerated into a series of untidy personal brawls as men desperately fought for their lives.

Thumb_Detling_107.JPG Thumb_Detling_108.JPG


Casualties began to mount as the battle wore on…

Thumb_Detling_109.JPG Thumb_Detling_110.JPG

The final duels raged, with both main forces shattered, the outcome of this war would be determined by the stamina of the greatest warriors from each side.

Thumb_Detling_111.JPG Thumb_Detling_112.JPG

And it’s was all over – the dead littered the battlefield, the Saxons were victorious…

Thumb_Detling_113.JPG Thumb_Detling_103.JPG

Or were they? There was time for one final demonstration for the assembled crowd – as the "dead" miraculously came back to life, the men came together once more to form a line and began to beat their shields ominously…

Thumb_Detling_115.JPG Thumb_Detling_116.JPG

Before charging the crowd with blood-curdling screams of terror!


I didn’t stay for the resultant massacre of the crowd…I went and bought a burger instead.

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