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Posted on Mar 13, 2015 in Electronic Games, Front Page Features

Medieval Battle: Europe! – FREE Download Codes

Medieval Battle: Europe! – FREE Download Codes

By Armchair General


MedievalEuropeDon thy armor, take up thy sword and prepare for battle! HexWar Games, the company that has developed iPad and iPhone wargames from ancient battles to the Second World War has a new release: Medieval Battle: Europe! And has free downloads for 10 lucky iOS gamers!

Medieval Battle: Europe! features 18 missions in three campaigns, plus a 7-mission tutorial, and all but the tutorial can be played from both sides. All are set in France. The HexWar Games website offers this description of the campaigns:


Follow the treacherous scheming of Charles II of Navarre (known as Charles the Bad) as he attempts to gain more political power in France and for his Kingdom Navarre.

Flanders has a blood-soaked history with France, featuring many different wars, battle, revolts and rebellions. Join these two nations through the Franco-Flemish War (1297 to 1305).

Join the Crown of Aragon as they defend against the French through two different crusades before taking the fight to them during the conquest of France’s ally Navarre.

Okay, you say, so how do I get one of the free download codes and start knight-bashing? Simple—just leave a comment below telling us the title of your favorite game, book or movie involving warfare in medieval times. Only one entry per person. Contest closes at midnight on Sunday, March 22, 2015. We’ll randomly select 10 winners the next day.

Good knight, and good luck.


  1. Does Monty Python and the Holy Grail count?

    Favorite game: Legion (Slitherine)

  2. Movie: Kingdom of Heaven
    Game: Medieval 2 Total War
    Book: Christopher Tyerman: God’s War: A New History of the Crusades

  3. Movie: El Cid
    Game: Medieval 2 Total War
    Book: Insurrection, Robyn Young

  4. Timeline – book and movie

  5. Movie: 1965’s The War Lord

    Game: Medieval 2 Total War

    Book: The Crescent and the Hammer

  6. Movie would have to be The Warlord with Charlton Heston.

    Game is Medieval Total War II

  7. Movie: Robin Hood
    Game: Medieval 2 Total War
    Book: Malleus maleficarum

    • My favourite games are Stronghold: Crusader and Crusader kings 1.

  8. Movie: Kingdom of Heaven
    Book: Richard and John
    Game: Hammer of the Scots

  9. “The Lion in Winter.” If Peter O’toole and Katharine Hepburn weren’t at war, no one ever was.

  10. Not sure if this is considered a qualifying game or not, but I would select “Stronghold Crusader HD”.

    Not sure if this is considered a qualifying movie or not, but I would select “The Princess Bride”. 🙂

  11. “The Black Shield of Falworth”.

  12. Great battles: Medieval

  13. Field of glory: storm of arrows

  14. Kingmaker by Avalon Hill was my favorite. They developed a PC game for it back in the 80s/90s. Sure wish some company would get the digital rights to a lot of those old titles and release them again.

  15. Movie: Kingdom of Heaven
    Book: The Templars by Barbara Frale
    Game: Settlers of Catan

  16. Movie: Kingdom of Heaven because of its superb battle scenes and the balanced way both sides to the conflict (Crusaders and Sarcens) are depicted.

  17. Movie: Kingdom Heaven
    Game: Infidels (GMT boardgame)

  18. Movie: Battle of Waterloo
    Game: Utimate General: Gettysburg

  19. Defiantly favorite game- Medieval II Total War
    Movie- Kingdom of Heaven
    Do not have favorite medieval book.

  20. “Robin of Sherwood”, original BBC series.

  21. Book: A Distant Mirror

  22. The two volume edition of “A History Of The Art Of War In The Middle Ages” by Sir Charles Oman.

  23. Wargame: Empires of the Middle Ages (okay, I’m a masochist)

    Movie: Branagh’s Henry V

  24. A Distant Mirror.
    Kingdom of Heaven (DC)


  25. Book(s): Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

    Game: Crusader Kings II

    Movie: Kingdom of Heaven (Can’t tell you how many times I have watched it.)

  26. Movie: Braveheart
    Game: Stronghold Crusader
    Book: The Canterbury Tales

  27. Fvourite Game: Men of Iron

  28. Movie: Henry V
    Game: Medieval Total War
    Book: Medieval Warfare: The art of war in Middle Ages

  29. My favorite game: defenitly Crusader Kings II. War is in my opinion not only fought on the battlefield, but also on the political field. Crusader Kings II is the pinnacle of that concept put in game format.

    The best movie, as many others here said, is Kingdom of Heaven. Nice plot, good characters. It gives me the feeling I was there.

  30. Movie: Braveheart
    Game: War of the Roses
    Book: God’s War by Christopher Tyreman. A huge book, but a great read.

  31. Book: Game of Thrones
    Game: medieval total war 2
    Movie: Ironclad

  32. Favorite book- Richard the Lionheart

  33. Movie: Robin Hood (RusselCrowe) Version
    Game: Medieval War

  34. Count me in!

    I have to go with Darlands as my fav; though it isn’t quite accurate, isn’t quite a wargame, and it takes place in the Dark Ages iirc.

    It’s been too long.

  35. Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943

  36. movie: Braveheart
    Game: Age of empires 2

  37. My favourite game is Stronghold Crusader HD

  38. My favourite bookabout Medieval is Ivanhoe

  39. who are the winners?

  40. Book: God’s Battalions
    Movie: Kingdom of Heaven
    Game: Medieval II: Total War – Gold Edition

  41. The giveaway is now closed. We’ll randomly select 10 winners and notify them later today. Thanks for for all the game, book and movie recommendations!

  42. Someone got the code?

  43. Not me it seems,

  44. Congratulations to our winners: Stanley Klem, Jim Millard, Nikolay, Paul R, Daniel Yun, Frank J. Knafelc, Alexander, David Gabriele, Michael, and Jon Wooldridge. You should all have received an email by now with your download code.

    Thanks to all for the great suggestions on games, books and movies.